Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mexican (Again!) With The Roomies

Morning everyone :) I loved reading all of your comments on yesterday's post, I got some really great breakfast ideas from some of you that I can’t wait to try!

Yesterday, I spent my afternoon using some of that hard earned money I got from working my butt off this last week. I got great deals on everything so I was pretty pleased with my purchases. From Maurice’s I purchased three shirts: a nice one that I can wear to work and two summery tops.


The center one and the one on the right were buy one get one 50% off, and so were these necklaces:


Despite the above purchases, my main goal of this shopping trip was actually to find a dress for Pam's wedding coming up in a couple weeks. I couldn’t find anything at Maurice’s so my next stop was JCPenney. I had major success here! Not only did I find a dress that I LOVE, but it was 60% off. WIN.


I can’t wait for the wedding!


On the Border

Last night, we were all in the mood to go out for a drink and margaritas sounded perfect. Aimee had some coupons for On the Border, so Mexican it was! (For the record, it is perfectly normal to go out for Mexican food three times in a week.) We enjoyed our refreshing drinks while we chatted and munched on chips and (very spicy!) salsa:



(Strawberry for Aimee, original flavored for Eric, sour watermelon for me)

My drink was was really tart, but I was trooper and slurped that sucker down like a champ ;)


(Um, fivehead anyone?)

Before we knew it dinner was served. As much as I love my beloved taco melts, I went with the street style mini tacos with chicken for a change of pace:



Grilled chicken, onions, avocado, rice and beans on a soft mini corn tortilla? People, it doesn’t get much better than that. They weren’t quite as tasty as the taco melts, but then again these tacos were not just a mountain of melty cheese so it’s no wonder they don’t taste as good. I would still recommend them though and I’m sure I’ll be ordering them again.

After we finished eating we went across the street to Bar Louie for another drink. I was pretty full and almost didn’t order one, but since I really don’t go out that often I thought what the heck. Rum and diet it was!



We stayed at Bar Louie for about an hour before taking our conversation back to our apartment, where we stayed up until midnight chatting. It was a great night!


Well, the gym’s calling my name so I’m off! I’ve got a fun night planned, so I’ll see ya tomorrow with a recap :) Enjoy your Saturday!


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