Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Need WLW Help!

This morning I went to publish my pre-written post for you all and I got this message in Windows Live Writer:

After some quick Googling I think it has something to do with reaching a 500 count image limit or something? Ugh, I don't know. I believe that I need to get an updated version of WLW to fix the problem (or at least this is what I gathered from various support forums) but in order to update my version do I need to completely delete my old one and redownload? Everytime I try to download the most recent one it says that I already have it.

I really did have an awesome post for you guys with sweet sweaty pictures from my mine and my sister's workout yesterday. This is completely throwing off my morning. I hate technology.

Please, someone who is better at computers and blogging than I am, help me!

I'll leave you with this picture as my apology for not having a post for you.

Off to work. Thank you blogging problems for making me late.


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