Friday, July 1, 2011

New Workout Buddy

While I’m off at the pharmacy working my life away today, I thought I’d leave you with the post that I was going to put up on Wednesday but couldn’t due to technology problems. But first, breakfast deserves a special mention!


An omelet made with three egg whites, one whole egg, feta, spinach and overflowing with mushrooms, just the way I like it SmilePlus a pineapple Chobani on the side.


Mmm mmm good!

New Workout Buddy

Since I now live two hours away from my usual gym buddy (sad face), my sister subbed in for Eric on Tuesday. She wanted me to help get her started with some strength training, so I took her through a simple total body routine to target all of the major muscle groups.

Disclaimer: Remember, I’m no personal trainer, so all of these exercises are based off of my own knowledge and experience. Be sure to consult an expert if you’re looking to begin your own fitness program.


Here’s the routine my sister did:



Vertical chest press (machine)


Lat Pulldowns


Dumbbell alternating bicep curls

3/15 (each arm)

Dumbbell lateral raises


Leg extensions (machine)


Seated hamstring curls


Tricep pressdowns (straight bar)



In between showing her the different exercises, I did my usual Tuesday glutes/hamstrings routine. Oh, and since we both had the day off and had nothing better to do than spend the morning at the gym, of course we took a thousand pictures. Don’t get me wrong though, we both got a TOUGH workout in!


She should not look that happy. Time for heavier weights.


Much better.

Here’s the exercise that always leaves me struggling to walk straight for days after I do it: single leg deadlifts.


Courtney needed some leg action too.



My current favorite calorie-torching booty-toning move: Pop squats!




(Dear random guy: If you ever see this please don’t sue me for posting pictures of you on the internet.)


Followed by butt blasters! My butt was definately feeling pretty blasted by this point.



We finished off our respective workouts with 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer. We were a couple of sweaty messes by the time we were done!

(I promise I really am sweating, but because of the surgery I had for my hyperhidrosis, my face can’t sweat. That’s a story for another day.)


Question: Do you have a workout buddy?

The only person that I really ever work out with is Eric (although obviously not anymore since I live in Traverse City now) but today’s workout with Courtney was fun! However, with our different goals and routines I don’t think it’s something I could do on a regular basis, I’d be at the gym waaaay too long. I actually really like working out by myself. Just pop my headphones in, do my thang, and sweat buckets :D


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