Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pam And Eric Say ‘I Do’

What a crazy, but totally fantastic, day yesterday! I had two big events to attend: my good friend Pam's wedding and my boss’s surprise retirement party.

First on the agenda was Pam’s ceremony. She looked absolutely gorgeous and I LOVED her dress. I want one just like it!


After the ceremony we waited outside for the newlyweds so we could do the bubble-blowing thing them at them.


BTW, can someone please explain this tradition to me? Is it kind of like the rice-throwing thing? I never understood it.



Surprise Party

When the ceremony was over, I had to jet over to the Silver Lake Recreation Park for my boss’s surprise retirement party. A couple of the pharmacy techs that I work with have been planning this party for weeks, and Bob (my boss) had absolutely no idea what was coming! Thanks to his wife and daughter (who got him to the park without giving away the real reason they were going), he literally didn’t know about the party until he arrived.


There was a great turn-out of people there, too. I work in a large chain pharmacy and in addition to all of the pharmacists and techs that I work with, my store director, store secretary, and district manager (plus everyone’s families) also made it to the party.


Unfortunately I didn’t have much time at the party because I had to jet back downtown for Pam’s reception, but I did have lots of fun visiting with everyone, rubbing Kelly’s (an awesome tech who I work with) very pregnant belly


and eating dessert.

DSC05738 (this plate plus another brownie)

Recognize those brownies? 


It was a great party and Bob deserved nothing less. He has been with the company for 37 years (!!) and we will miss him so much.





After a couple of hours at the park, I headed back downtown to the Holiday Inn for Pam’s wedding reception. I love when the bride and groom make their entrance, especially when they dance and make it fun :)


The usual speeches, eating, cake-cutting and dancing ensued and everything was just perfect.




I always have a blast at wedding receptions, and Pam’s was no different. I’m so happy for her and was so glad that I could be a part of her special day :)


The DJ even played a Linkin Park song for us!

OH, and I almost forgot, the food!




Plus lots and lots of FREE drinks. Numerous tequila sunrises, Bud Lights, Rum & Diets, and random (but delicious) bartender concoctions were consumed throughout the night. Open bars are the best idea ever. Unfortunately, I’m suffering the consequences this morning and dealing with a gross hangover. Totally worth it though :)

Thanks for a great night Pam and congratulations!!



BTW, would you believe that I was so full and pre-occupied chatting with the groom’s friends that I forgot to have cake? I did remember at one point though just before the reception was over and one of the guys I was with brought me a slice. Cake is definitely the way to a girl’s heart ;) ha ha


Enjoy your Sunday!


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