Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunny Breakfast

Gooood morning! I hope the weather is nice where you’re at because it’s been gloomy and rainy for two straight days over here.



Even though it’s my day off, I made sure to wake up bright and early this morning so I could get my workout done right away and wouldn’t have a repeat of last night, where I was stuck doing it at the end of the day and my motivation was nowhere to be found. I started by completing this upper body lift:

moderate rep lift upper body

And I finished off my workout with 20 minutes of HIIT on the Stairmaster and a good five minutes of stretching. My hamstrings and glutes are still so sore from Tuesday's workout so it felt good really good to get a good stretch in. I’m hoping they’ll feel better by tomorrow because I’ve got another lower body lift scheduled!


When I came home my number one priority was getting food in my growling belly. A sunny breakfast for a not-so-sunny day:


Toast with a dippy egg and a raspberry Chobani.


Tasty and full of protein for those growing muscles of mine ;)


Well, I’m off to tackle a massive to-do list for the day. See ya!


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