Saturday, June 4, 2011

Syrup Is For Normal People

Morning! Hope you’re weekend is going great so far, good luck to everyone who racing today, I know there are lots of ya :) My roommate Aimee is running her first half marathon this morning, go her!

I was happy to hear that so many of you love Mexican food as much as I do, so hopefully you won’t think I’m crazy when I tell you that I got it again last night! Eric and I went El Burrito Loco to grab a margarita and some dinner. I ordered my favorite frozen drink, a banana margarita!


Unfortunately, when it first arrived I couldn’t taste any banana and had to send it back. By the time the waiter brought it back out to the table it had gotten all melty, but it still tasted good and I slurped that thing right down :)

I didn’t want to be completely repetitive and order the same thing I ordered on Thursday (even though it’s my favorite Mexican dish ever) so I rolled with a chicken burrito instead.

I was actually quite disappointed with this. I had asked for everything to be put inside the burrito (rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, guac) and not only was the burrito full of only chicken, but they didn’t even bring any rice or beans. Should have just ordered the pollo supremo again!

After dinner we made a quick trip to the store where I had a “crap I know that person but I don’t them to see me” moment. I handled it like a mature adult by ducking in front of the pharmacy pretending to look at smoking cessation products.


Later in the evening last night, our friend James flew into to town from Minneapolis. I’m really excited because I haven’t seen him in over a year! He’s a pharmacist and graduated last year. This guy is kind of a genius (like seriously, one of the smartest people I know) and just finished his first year of residency. He and his friend Liz are staying with us for a couple nights so it should be a fun weekend!

This morning Eric proved that we are the most awesome hosts ever and cooked everyone French toast for breakfast!

That’s my sprouted whole grain bread in the back there ;)
As if I wasn’t being weird enough by asking him to use separate bread for mine, instead of using butter and syrup like a normal person I topped my French toast with raspberry Chobani and sliced almonds.

It was scrumptious :)

Well, it’s absolutely gorgeous outside and I’m really trying to muster up the motivation to go for a run before we start the rest of our day but I just don’t see that happening. Visiting with our guests just sounds so much better!

Have a great day!

Yesterday I asked you about salad toppings, but today let’s talk pancakes and French toast! What’s your favorite way to eat them?

Yogurt and almonds is my current obsession (though I prefer them on pancakes over French toast) but I also love any kind of fruit, powdered sugar, nuts and/or nut butter! Sometimes I also just want plain old maple syrup :)


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