Monday, June 20, 2011

Tear ‘n Share

Hey there, Happy Monday!! Normally I am not a fan of Mondays since it means it’s only the first day of a long week, but I am in a particularly good mood today :) There is a 97% chance that this is the result of finding an amazing gym this morning (yay!!), starting my day with a fantastic workout, and finally getting into a routine again. My sweat sesh this morning included this upper body lift:

low rep upper body workout

Followed by 20 minutes of HIIT on the Stairmaster. I was sweaty beast when I was done and I loved every minute of it :)


When I arrived back home I had a bowl of my favorite No-Bake Overnight Oats waiting for me in the fridge that I topped with 1/2 of a frozen banana.


It was the perfect balance of carbs and protein to refuel with after my workout. If you haven’t tried these oats yet, you must! (You can replace the PB2 with regular peanut butter, I just like PB2 because it’s lower on the calories)


After breakfast I spent a couple hours cleaning and unpacking. I brought home way more things from Grand Rapids than I have room for at my parent's’ house in Traverse City so I’m working on going through all of my old things in my room and getting rid of anything I don’t want. I’m such a pack rat; it is seriously going to take me at least a week to finish!


Lunch came a little later than usual but was delicious nonetheless. I made my current bagelwich obsession (that I had yesterday as well) with a strawberry spinach salad on the side:


This salad has quickly turned into one of my favorite summertime foods. It’s an added bonus that it looks so pretty :)




Tear ‘n Share

While cleaning and unpacking is a pain in the butt and definitely not my favorite thing to do, I must admit that it’s been interesting finding some of the things from my past and realizing how much I’ve changed over the years. One of things I found when I was packing up my things in Grand Rapids were my old ACE bandages:


When I was really overweight, my legs would chafe like crazy. It got so bad that I had to resort to wearing these bandages around my thighs when they started to chafe or if I knew I would be in a situation where chafing was likely to occur (i.e. a day where I would be walking around for an extended period of time). The chafing was painful and I literally could not walk without wrapping my legs up. Luckily, that’s not an issue anymore. In fact, I can’t even tell you the last time I had to use those bandages :)

Another item I found as I’ve been cleaning out my room at my parents’ house was a crumpled up Skittles wrapper in one of my dresser drawers. Back in the days where I would run to the store and stock up on junk food for late night candy binges, I was so embarrassed about my behavior that I didn’t want my mom to find the evidence in the garbage. Apparently my dresser drawers were the next best option.


Tear ‘n Share? Yeah right, like I was ever planning on sharing those.

The last thing I wanted to show you isn’t related to my history with weight problems, but is just a funny reminder of my high school days. Check out the pictures that I pasted all over the wall in my closet (and medicine cabinet, mirror, etc.)


Ha ha. I decided it was finally time to take those pictures down :) Oh, and in case you were wondering, the second one from the right (the weird guy with the blue mask) is Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park. They were my favorite band in high school and I had a slight obsession with Chester at the time.

I have to come clean though: I may not plaster magazine cut-outs of attractive guys all over my walls anymore, but I still catch a glance at one every day.


I guess some things will never change ;)


Tell me about some of your high school obsessions. Have they changed much over the years?


PS: If you haven’t already seen it, you should check out the nice article that Angela wrote about me on Fitbie, a new health website partnering with MSN. Be should to read Lindsay's article while you’re there, too. She’s lost a ton of weight, looks amazing, and was kind enough to give Angela my name :)

PPS: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best Dad in the world!! Love you Dad :)


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