Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This One Time, I Went Vegetarian

First of all, have you entered my giveaway yet? If you like nut butters, Larabars, trail mix, and/or candy then trust me, you don’t want to miss it ;)


I actually don’t have much to write about right now. I worked all day yesterday and while I have today off, I work the next six days in a row. I’m not complaining (hello time-and-a-half on the 4th!) but I’m just a little worried that I won’t be able to find time, let alone topics, to blog about. Please bare with me this week!


Food was pretty typical yesterday; my favorite overnight oats, usual work lunch, and leftover enchiladas.

DSC05831 No-bake overnight oats with a frozen banana

I came home from work, watched the Bachelorette (seriously if Ashley talks about Bentley one more time I’m gonna punch the TV), and then hit the hay. Try not to be jealous of all of the excitement in my life.


This morning I woke up and munched on an egg bagelwich


And after I finish this post I’m hitting the gym with my sister. She wants her big sister to train her give her a basic beginner’s lifting routine so she can start doing some strength training. I’ll be sure to post it!


I’m off to enjoy my only day off this week, but I would never leave without sharing some more tangents about myself ;)


Triple Tangent Tuesday

1. Despite the fact that I don't like vegetables, spinach is the one food that I eat just about every single day. In fact, the only time a day goes by when I don’t eat it is if I’m out of it or I’m away from home. Like, seriously. I think it’s because spinach is the one vegetable that I kind of actually like, and so I subconsciously feel this need to eat a lot of it so I can at least try to meet my daily veggie requirements. My favorite ways to munch on the green stuff are salads, smoothies and sandwiches. I also love throwing it in stir-fries, omelets, pasta, lasagna, quesadillas, pizza and pretty much anything else you can think of.



2. I can’t leave the house without my watch. Unless I’m going to the gym or the beach, I feel completely naked without a watch on. I’m not really sure why, but ever since I was little I have had this obsession with always knowing what time it is. I also have this thing with keeping all of my old watches. When I was cleaning out my room last week, I found all of these in an old drawer.


3. One time in 7th grade, I decided that I wanted to be a vegetarian. That lasted all of about six months, until I decided that I really wanted a chicken patty. I did it for animal rights reasons, and I had a friend who was a vegetarian so I didn’t think it would be that bad. Nowadays, while I am not one of those “must have meat at every meal” kind of people, chicken and turkey are definitely some of my biggest sources of protein. I completely respect those who are vegetarians and vegans, it’s just not for me. Plus, I can’t imagine a life without my favorite Mexican meal of all time: pollo supremo.



Are you a meat eater? If you’re not, do you do it for animal rights reasons, health reasons, personal preference, or something else?


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