Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday 6.0

A few weeks ago, I did a couple of killer glute workouts that made me so sore I could hardly walk for over a week. I originally intended to keep doing these routines three times weekly because my glutes are severely undertrained and even more importantly, I would like to actually fill up the bottoms of my new bathing suit. However, my schedule got a little messed up when I had to go to Traverse City and work for a week, and last week I was too busy getting ready to move and I ended up doing most of my lifting with Eric (who doesn’t exactly have glutes on the top of his priority list).

Now that I’m finally settling into a regular gym routine again, I decided it’s time to start working on that booty again. This morning I warmed up with a one mile jog on the treadmill and then completed this glute and hamstring routine:

glute work-out modified

I finished off with a 10 minute cool-down on the elliptical. As expected, my legs and butt were pretty wobbly as I was walking out of the gym so I am fully prepared to wake up tomorrow in severe pain ;)


Even though just last week I mentioned how sick of egg bagelwiches I was, this morning I was already craving them again. Therefore, it was return of the egg bagelwich for breakfast!

DSC05520Egg white, muenster cheese and raspberry preserves on an Everything Bagel Thin, plus extra egg whites with ketchup on the side

Guess I just can’t stay away from them :)



Triple Tangent Tuesday

Well I’m off doing the work thing now, so I thought I’d leave you with a round of Triple Tangent Tuesday. It’s always a good time to learn some more random facts about yours truly :)

1. I really don’t like vegetables. With the exception of salads (which usually have no vegetables on them other than the lettuce or spinach itself), I pretty much have to choke them down. Broccoli, green beans and occasionally asparagus are some of the few that I can manage to get down without gagging too much, but usually I have to dip them in ketchup to hide the taste. The only reason I eat veggies at all is because they’re good for me and blah blah blah.



(Please note the large blobs of nasty-vegetable-flavor-disguising ketchup.)

2. I am starting to think that I may qualify to be on Hoarders. Like for serious, I take the title of “pack rat” to a new extreme. As you all know, I’ve been busy cleaning out my room at my parents’ house for the last couple days. Well, yesterday I found something that even I couldn’t believe that I kept: my wisdom teeth. Yes, you read that correctly. I found my actual teeth that were yanked out of my own mouth back in high school, sealed up in a plastic bag and stuffed in a drawer.


I hope I don’t lose any followers after this.

3. I’m really bad at finishing books. For some reason I always get really excited to start them, but then after only a few chapters I get distracted and either stop reading or start another book, where the cycle repeats itself. For example, I bought and started this book at the beginning of April:


But I’m also reading this one:


As well as a couple of other books that I don’t have pictures of. I also started the sixth Harry Potter book and the third Twilight book well over a year ago and never finished either of those. Why can’t I just read one at a time and actually finish it in a timely fashion (or at all, for that matter)?



More Tangents:


Are you like me with your reading habits, or do you only read one book at a time?


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