Monday, June 13, 2011

Tubing In B.Rap

This morning after hitting the gym for a quick 25 minute session on the elliptical, Eric and I headed up to Big Rapids to spend the afternoon tubing with some friends on the Muskegon River.


Tubing is one of the most popular, not to mention one of the only, fun summer activities that there is to do in Big Rapids. I’ve gone at least a few times every summer for past couple years and I was happy to squeeze in today’s trip, since I don’t think I’ll get another opportunity before the summer’s over.

We all have our own tubes which is nice because we don’t have to pay to rent them, but unfortunately it means that we are responsible for our own transportation at the end of the river back to the beginning where we leave our cars. We dropped off two cars at the ending location and then the six of us squished into the third car and rode to the launching point.

DSC05293 Squishing in the back seat

Since I’m not brave enough to take my camera on the water, I had to take lots of pictures while we blew up our tubes and got ready.


DSC05297 Sarah and I

Eric S. and I

Eventually I got around to blowing up my tube. We had a couple of electric air pumps, but as usual I made things difficult and tried to blow it up myself.


That lasted about one minute before I got distracted by something else and quit. Eric ended up grabbing my tube and just finishing it off himself with one of the pumps. That’s pretty much how our friendship rolls ;)


We relaxed and floated down the river for almost two hours before reaching the exit, and we worked up quite an appetite during those couple hours! We all agreed that a trip to Applebee’s was in order to remedy that problem.

As much as I wanted to order my favorite item on the menu, the three cheese chicken penne, I decided that a 1500 calorie meal is probably not the best way to tackle that weight gain that I’ve acquired over the last couple months. Instead I went with the Signature Sirloin with Garlic Herb Shrimp, which was on their under 550 calories menu.


While I wasn’t a huge fan of the bruschetta for some reason, the shrimp and steak was delicious.


I also salivated over our friends’ dessert:


I had one small bite of cookie, and all I can say is that it was pure torture watching them eat it all. Now I’m wondering why I took a picture of it because looking at it again just makes me want it that much more.


Well, I’m off to relax, munch on some cherries and hope they cure my sweet tooth, and watch the Bachelorette. Have a great night!


What’s the best dessert you’ve ever had a restaurant?

There’s a local Italian restaurant down the road from my apartment called Pietro's and they have a chocolate volcano dessert that is to die for. Gah, now I want one of those too!


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