Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yoga On The Musketawa

I’m trying to take advantage of my last week off before I move and start working again to do as many things outside as possible. Yesterday I went tubing and today I spent the afternoon biking. It was fantastic :)

Before my ride I made myself an easy and delicious shrimp marinara for lunch. First, I sautéed some unthawed shrimp in a little EVOO and seasoned it with garlic salt, Italian seasoning and oregano. While I was preparing the shrimp, I had whole wheat penne pasta cooking on the next burner.


When the shrimp was done I added the last of a jar of roasted garlic tomato sauce to the pan and let it heat up while the pasta finished cooking. When it was ready, I threw it all together and added some asiago cheese that I found in my fridge.


This was really tasty! I’ve never really been very good at cooking, at least without a recipe, so successfully preparing this meal made feel all domestic-y and stuff :)



Bike Ride

Usually I go to the White Pine Trail when I go riding in Grand Rapids, but today I decided to mix it up and go to the Musketawa Trail.


This trail has a lot less people than the White Pine Trail, which is nice and more convenient. However, I like to save it for shorter rides because unlike the WPT, there are no reliable places where I can stop to refill my water bottle. I don’t like to do more than twenty miles on this trail because that’s about the farthest I can go on one water bottle.


Another good thing about the trail having a lot less people? There’s no one to give you awkward looks while you take pictures of yourself looking like a dufus trying to do yoga poses.




Please don’t stop reading my blog after looking at these photos; I’d be really sad if you did.


After my ride I came home and snacked on this:


And now I’m trying to figure out what I want to make for dinner. This week is Operation Use-Up-All-The-Food-In-The-Pantry since I’m moving back to Traverse City on Saturday. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the rest of the week’s meals are strange and totally random.


Adios amigos!


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