Sunday, July 31, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011: Part 2

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Click here for Part 1 of the Warrior Dash post.

Alright, so after we finished our pre-mud photo shoot, we headed over to the starting line and waited for 3:00 to come around, which was our wave. (The race is so big that it is divided into numerous waves that go all day long. Every half hour, a new group of people take off to tackle the course. The first wave was at 8:00, and even though we signed up over six months ago in January, 3:00 pm was the soonest we could get in.) Finally the announcer counted us off and soon we were running!

The first half of the race was the definitely the hardest in terms of running. We ran for almost a mile before getting to the first obstacle, and it was SO hot outside. By the time we got to the aid station at the halfway mark, my mouth was bone dry and I was so grateful for some water! It seemed that the second half of the race had more obstacles, which was fun and it was nice to break up the running. I was definitely the slowest in our group, and I felt bad because I know that I slowed them down a lot. I even took a few walking breaks, which I’m kind of mad about now as I look back because I know I could have pushed myself a little harder. Here’s a map of the run and where the obstacles were located. The two long stretches of running were the worst.

warrior dash


With regards to the obstacles, they were much easier than I anticipated. I was the most nervous about a giant “wall” that a friend told us about that had supposedly caused runners a lot of difficulty. You have to use a rope to pull yourself up over the wall and I thought I would for sure have trouble with that. However, it actually wasn’t bad at all and I was stoked as I hoisted myself up over that wall with hardly any difficulty and climbed back down the other side.

(I found this photo on this blog thanks to Google magic)

We were pretty muddy by the time we finally made it to the end of the course, but the final mud pit was definitely the messiest. The pit was waist deep and you end up having to crawl on your hands and knees because there’s barbed wire above your head. We were all a hot mess by the time we were done!


But we were proud to be warriors Open-mouthed smile



I was so happy and so proud that I finished (and made it through *all* of the obstacles), but the mud. Oh, there was so much mud.


These pictures just don’t do it justice. It was EVERYWHERE, and I mean everywhere. In our socks, bras, hair, ears, oh; and those lovely lady parts? Yeah, it was there too.

We eventually made our way over to the shower area where we were able to rinse off a little, though I really didn’t feel much cleaner after.


Then we made our way back to the car where and changed into some clean clothes before we went back to the race area where we hung out for a little while. On our way back we passed by this huge pile of donated shoes that they will be cleaning and giving away to people who need them. So cool!


Eric and Babs cashed in their time chips for some free beer (my stomach was really bothering me so I gave my chip to Eric).


We were planning on getting big turkey legs as well, but then we found out that they were $6.00. Um, no thank you. However, I soon saw something that was not only better, but was free!


Yep, Bear Naked Granola had a booth at the race! AND they were giving out free bags of granola in a flavor of your choice. I went with the maple pecan and chose vanilla almond for Eric, since I made him give his to me Open-mouthed smileWhen they gave you your samples, there’s a blank on the bag where they write in what you “need energy for,” since this granola is apparently supposed to give you energy. When the lady asked me what I need energy for, I told them I need it for my rotations (gah, I start tomorrow!). Then they asked Eric what he needed energy for and he said the same thing, so she wrote “copy cat” on his bag Winking smile


We then made him the designated granola carrier.


Then we chilled and listened to the live music while Eric and Babs finished their beers.


It was a great day and I’m SO glad that I did this race.

Finishing something this difficult has really motivated me to start running and training again. I’ve been slacking off lately and I forgot how good it feels to accomplish goals that you set for yourself. I might do another mud run in Grand Rapids at the end of August, and I definitely want to do at least another 5K or 10K before winter gets here. It’s time to get my butt back in gear!


Off to go do things. Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011: Part 1

Well guys, I did it! I survived the Warrior Dash today and I’m officially a warrior! But more on that later Smile


Last night I arrived in Grand Rapids just after 7:00 and killed time at the mall while I waited for Eric to get off work. I grabbed some Panera for dinner while I was there:


I got the You Pick 2 Combo with a sierra turkey sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup. This Panera never has black bean Sad smile

After he got off work we went out for a couple drinks with his coworkers and then called it an early night. We needed our sleep for the race today!

This morning we woke up and immediately got ready and dressed for the race. Finally, after listening to me whine for over an hour about being hungry, he got to work in the kitchen to prepare a yummy breakfast for us.



He made eggs, toast and turkey bacon, which I turned into an egg sandwich:


Yum. Why does food always taste better when someone else makes it?

Soon enough, Aimee and our other friend Sarah (who we all call Babs) arrived at the apartment as well and when we were all ready to go we hit the highway for Mt. Morris, the location of the Michigan Warrior Dash. For those of you who don’t know, the Warrior Dash is a 3.3 mile race across land with lots of crazy obstacles along the way and LOTS of mud. As we drove across the state, the other three chatted excitedly about how much they were looking forward to this race and how they could not wait to tackle the obstacles and get down and dirty. I however had a slightly different attitude. The more they talked about it, the more anxious I got. I was actually really nervous that I would not be able to keep up with them or complete the obstacles successfully. When I signed up for this race back in January, I assumed that I would be down another 30 pounds or so by today and would have adequately trained for it, but that just did not happen.

My friends helped calm my nerves by assuring me that we were all running it together and they wouldn’t leave me behind. They also told me they knew I could do it, and that actually helped. However, I was still really nervous that I was going to majorly slow them down, as they’re all in much better shape than I am.

Eventually, we started to get hungry and made a quick stop at Subway for some lunch. Food is always a sure-fire way to make me feel better Winking smile


(Turkey on honey oat with provolone, spinach, black olives, cucumber and honey mustard)

After two hours in the car we finally arrived in Mt. Morris and I could not believe how many people were there! We parked the car (after driving around forever) and walked up to get our registration packets. As we walked to packet pick-up, we passed by the final stretch of the race and watched some of the racers in the current wave crawl through the final mud pit and cross the finish line.


We then went back to my car to attach our race bibs and time chips, and of course take some pre-race warrior photos with our new warrior hats Smile

Here’s my I’m so nervous and I can’t believe I’m doing this face:


But then I went into warrior mode:


As did my friends:



I dunno guys, who do you think has bigger biceps?

Babs doing her not-so-warrior-like pose:


Finally, our official pre-race pre-mud picture:



And then, it was time to run!

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lunch Date

Hey ya’ll and happy Friday! Have you entered my giveway yet? If not, you should do that now!

I’ve been kicking my to-do list in the rear today and have been keeping really busy! After I got home from work last night, my stomach was still a little nauseous and all I wanted to eat was some bread. So I did. I literally had bread and cereal (Cinnamon Raisin Granola, to be exact) for dinner. Sometimes you just gotta do that. 

This morning I woke up bright and early and was still craving cereal, so I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with 1/2 a banana on top.


Then I threw on my gym clothes and headed out the door to run a couple errands before hitting the gym for a schweaty cardio sesh.


My errands included a trip to Meijer plus a long over-due oil change.


Note to self: wash windshield.

My workout consisted of 50 minutes of cardio, which I split between 20 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes on the Stairmaster, and 15 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill. I desperately wanted to hop on the Arc Trainer, but I’m still trying to stay away from it to see if my knee pain goes away (it hasn’t yet).

I felt really good about this morning’s workout. I kind of feel like I’ve been in a bit of an exercise slump this week and even though I’ve made it to the gym every day except yesterday, I haven’t been as motivated as I usually am. This morning however, I was FULL of energy as I jumped on the elliptical and felt like I could have stayed on that thing all day. Maybe it was the random rest day yesterday in the middle of the week that left me feeling so rejuvenated, but whatever it was, I’m grateful!


Lunch Date

After returning home and getting a much-needed shower, I met up with my friend Brad at The Dish downtown for some lunch. He’s been up here on vacation with his family all week, and it’s been nice having another friend around to hang out with! I ordered what I usually get there, which may also quite possibly be my most favorite salad ever on the entire planet:


It’s called TC’s Favorite and it has dried cherries, walnuts, gorgonzola and chicken (hmm…all my favorite toppings, how convenient Winking smile) all on top of a huge bed of fresh Romaine and tossed with a poppy seed dressing.

I was a happy camper.


I used to always order the Western Club sandwich back in the day, and when I saw Brad eyeing it as he glanced over the menu I started raving about it to him. He quickly decided on that, and I’m pretty sure I heard him utter the words “OMG this is amazing” as he inhaled the sandwich Winking smile


Oh, and what’s a lunch date without dessert?

It didn’t hurt that Cold Stone was just two blocks away and it was a gorgeous day to walk around downtown.


That would be a like-it sized Mud Pie Mojo. Oh, and BTW I just Googled the calories on that thing and I’m a little embarrassed. Whoops. Ah well, at least I balanced it out with a salad Smile


I’m off to pack up and then I’m hitting the road for Grand Rapids! Tonight I’m hanging out with Eric and then tomorrow we’re running the Warrior Dash in Mt. Morris with two of our other friends. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty nervous! 3.3 miles of running mixed in with tons of obstacles, barriers, and of course, mud!

I’ll admit, I have NOT been properly training for this race, but I’m just going to try to have fun Smile


Have a great weekend!!


Have you ever done a mud run or something similar to the Warrior Dash before? What did you think of it? Any tips??

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Hope It Wasn’t The Chicken Burger

Last night when I went to bed I got the most horrible stomach cramps. It hurt so badly and it actually felt like the pain I had on that night I had the bad Mexican food. I lied in bed for a good couple hours before I was finally able to doze off. Unfortunately, I have to be at work a little earlier today so I ended up skipping the gym since I was sick last night and didn’t get much sleep. My stomach is still a little nauseous this morning, but I’m hoping that will go away and I’m planning on trying to hit up the gym tonight after work.

I don’t know what caused my stomach ache, but I sure hope my mom’s chicken burgers aren’t the culprit! I had one for dinner last night and it was delicious!


Plus sweet potato fries on the side.


Today is my last day at work for the summer. I have a three day weekend starting tomorrow (Warrior Dash on Saturday!!) and then on Monday I start my first rotation for pharmacy school. The rotation is internal medicine and it’s two months long at the hospital up here in Traverse City. I’m not sure what my blogging schedule is going to be like once that starts since I’ll have to be there bright and early every day and still have to find time to fit in the gym and work on assignments after that. Life’s about to get a little crazy!

Here’s my packed lunch for work:



Salad with spring mix, dried cherries, feta and sunflower seeds (Plus my favorite light raspberry dressing on the side)


PB and banana sandwich on whole grain bread, and that’s a Strawberry Banana Chobani hiding in the back Smile


Since my stomach is still bothering me a little, I think I’m just going to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Hopefully that’ll be easier on my tummy.


Hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll see ya later!


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