Thursday, July 14, 2011

AB Fiend

Hey there friends SmileIn case ya missed it, I did my first FAQ post this morning, so be sure to check it out Open-mouthed smile


Breakfast this morning was an old classic: whole grain toast, almond butter and half a banana:


I am quickly becoming an almond butter fiend. I love that it tastes delicious, but doesn’t leave me wanting to eat an entire jar at one sitting like peanut butter does. I feel like I can exercise much more self control with it!


After I breakfast I hit the gym for a quick workout. I’m running a little behind today, but I managed to squeeze in 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer plus this shoulder routine:

shoulder routine

Now I’m munching on a slice of leftover homemade pizza with ham, cheese, mushrooms, spinach and caramelized onion:


Plus fresh organic berries:


Packed work food:

Some delicious pierogis that my mom made, topped with marinara and parmesan:


Spinach salad with dried cherries, feta and sunflower seeds:



And I’m offfff!


Have a great afternoon Smile


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