Sunday, July 3, 2011

Be Nice To The Pharmacy

Hey guys, hope you’re having a much more exciting weekend than I am Smile with tongue out Work has been SO busy the last two days. I was sort of expecting it to be dead since it’s the holiday weekend, but alas, I forgot it was the start of Cherry Festival so Traverse City is packed full of out-of-towners for the week (or as we like to call them, “fudgies”). Let me just say this: when you go out of town, please, PLEASE don’t forget to pack your prescriptions; and if you do, please be nice to the local pharmacy that helps you get your meds. I’ll stop the rant there Winking smile

My post-bike ride breakfast this morning was a delicious smoothie that totally hit the spot:


  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen cherries
  • raspberry Chobani yogurt
  • scoop of strawberry protein powder
  • handful of fresh organic spinach
  • splash (1/4 cup maybe?) of skim milk

I am also in love with that plastic cup and straw that you see in that picture. It’s actually my sister’s, but I’ve been stealing it for my smoothies. There’s something about drinking them through a straw that makes them taste yummier Winking smile

When lunch rolled around today, I was more than ready for it. Last night, my mom made a fantastic chicken salad with chicken, pasta, celery, grapes, diced black olives, fat free Greek yogurt, and (I think) some raspberry vinaigrette. I enjoyed some yesterday for dinner


And then for my lunch today I put some on a toasted Everything Bagel Thin and ate it as a bagelwich. Nice way to mix it up!


(I also had a salad on the side)

As usual, I was starving when I walked in the door from work and luckily my mom had an amazing dinner waiting for me:


My dad grilled some chicken (with some melted muenster cheese on top) and I threw one of the slices in a bun along with some ketchup, mustard, and mashed avocado (slices are messy and fall out) and it made for a pretty tasty chicken sandwich. Served with rice and corn on the cob.



I’m not really sure what the night has in store for me. Hopefully I’ll be getting together with a couple of old friends who I haven’t seen in almost a year, but ya never know with my luck. I’ve spent the last two nights at home on my couch watching Hoarders Smile


Sorry that this post is just a bunch of random pictures of what I ate today, but I haven’t been doing much the last couple of days!

Have a great night Smile


Any fun plans for tomorrow? Will you be seeing fireworks where you’re at (I know they’re illegal in some states! Crazy!)?


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