Monday, July 18, 2011

Chirp, Chirp

Morning! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did Smile Last night, after my glorious Pizza Hut lunch, I was majorly craving veggies for dinner. My mom had made my favorite chicken casserole, but I just wanted salad! I piled my plate high with greens, with a small serving of casserole on the side.



Plus watermelon:


Salad always leaves me feeling rejuvenated Smile


Workout + Breakfast

On days that I head to work a little later (11:30 or 12:30), I like to wake up and eat breakfast, let it settle, go to the gym, and then eat again before I leave for work. Today is one of those days where I don’t go in until 11:30, but when my alarm went off this morning I quickly decided that I wanted to get my workout done right away, even if it throws my eating schedule off whack a little bit.

I headed to the gym and did my usual Monday routine: chest and triceps.

chest and triceps 

I followed this lift up with 25 minutes on the Arc Trainer.


When I got home it was breakfast time. Guys, I have a new favorite cereal obsession.

Cascadian Farm Cinnamon Raisin Granola. It tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie, seriously.


Gotta watch my portions with this one though, granola packs a lot of calories if you’re not careful and also has quite a bit of sugar in it. I broke out the measuring cups for this one so I wouldn’t go overboard (I had one cup, which was 1.5 servings, with some skim milk).

Plus egg whites for a punch of protein:



Chirp, Chirp

So, OMG. Two minutes ago as I was writing this post, my grandma called me into her room (she is staying with us from Arizona for a few weeks). I quickly ran in there to see what is wrong and she calmly said, “what is that?” and points to her bed. I squealed like a little girl as I stared at a giant CRICKET right in the middle of her bed.


Normally bugs don’t freak me out too much, but this just gave me the heeby jeebies! I just stood there screaming for my mom as my grandma took a napkin and scooped it up to take it outside. Good thing she was there because I totally would have a taken a shoe and smashed the crap out of that thing!

Maybe it was the fact that it was on her BED, but I am totally freaked out to go to sleep tonight.


Are you afraid of bugs/spiders? Have you ever found one on your bed before?


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