Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Different Kind Of Holiday

Goooood morning! Hope you all had a fun holiday and saw some sweet fireworks last night. All of my friends that were in town this weekend had to leave yesterday afternoon since they all had to work this morning, so my 4th of July was spent a little differently this year than in previous years: I spent the evening by myself at my house and didn’t even go to the fireworks. However, it was actually quite enjoyable Smile


After work I made myself a nice dinner that I enjoyed outside on my patio:


I had a chicken burger quesadilla (with a leftover burger from last night)


Along with some sautéed broccoli and mushrooms.


After dinner I went on a 45 minute walk around my neighborhood while I chatted with Melissa on the phone.


And I followed my walk up with a (lop-sided) frozen yogurt.


I rounded off my night with some TV watching and blog reading and went to bed before the fireworks even started Open-mouthed smile

It was a perfectly relaxing evening, and was really just what I needed.

Today I’m enjoying a much needed day off after a crazy-busy six day stretch. I’m actually on my way to Grand Rapids right now for a follow-up appointment for my sclerotherapy I had done at the end of May, and to spend some time with one of my bestist most awesomeist friends. 


Catch ya on the flip side Winking smile


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