Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FAQ: Part Two

Alright guys, it’s time for round two! (Click here for part one.)

Q: Were you always overweight as a child? If not, when did you gain the weight?

A: Yes, I was always a pudgy kid. I was never involved in sports or anything, so I pretty much just sat around the house when I wasn’t in school. However, I put on a large amount of weight (about 80 pounds over the course of four years) after I got my driver’s license. Suddenly, if I wanted Taco Bell at 10:00 pm, all I had to do was get in my car and go! (Did I mention that I also worked at Taco Bell for a coupe years? Not surprising, I know.)

Here is a picture of me from sixth grade:

sixth grade

I know, I was a stylish sixth grader. Jean sandals with socks. Hot.

Q: You started the blog after you already lost a lot of weight. Is the food that you eat now (and post pictures of) the same kind of food that you ate when you lost the first 100 pounds? Or is it more of a maintenance diet?

A: Honestly, no. I eat a lot differently now than I did when I first started losing weight, but it’s because my focus has changed a little. When I first started “dieting,” I really paid attention to calories and not much else. I ate a lot of frozen dinners (Lean Cuisines and Weight Watchers), plus a lot of “lite” and “low fat” foods, like lite yogurt and reduced fat peanut butter. However, now I focus on eating more wholesome foods that are good for my overall health, while still paying attention to calorie content and trying to watch my portions. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition over the last couple years, especially since I started reading other healthy living blogs. FYI, Greek yogurt has more than twice the protein as regular yogurt, and has no artificial sweeteners like lite yogurt does. Also, the fat in peanut butter is actually good for you (when eaten in moderation of course) and the reduced fat kind makes up for the lack of flavor with chemicals and extra carbs. Oh, and it has the same amount of calories as regular peanut butter. Crazy, right?

I could see how a lot of my food choices might make it appear that I am just trying to maintain, but honestly the reason why my weight loss has slowed down this year is because I have become more “comfortable” and cheat way more on my diet than I used to. However, when I count my calories and stick to my budget, usually, the weight comes off.



Q: When you first started going to the gym, what did you do?

A: When I first started working out, I started out with just easy cardio on the stationary bike. I did that for about a week before I got bored and moved on to different cardio machines, including the elliptical and Stairmaster. After a few more weeks, I started experimenting with weights by using the machines (I didn’t know how to use them and had to read the directions on the side). I would do things like upper body one day, then legs the next while alternating cardio machines on different days. I really kicked things up a notch about a year into my weight loss when my friend (and old roommate) Eric started working out with me and sort of became my personal trainer. I learned a lot about weight lifting from him and also started running. Eventually, with his help plus ideas from my Muscle and Fitness Hers magazines, I started writing my own lifting routines.


Okay, let’s be honest. Sometimes I just had photo shoots at the gym while Eric worked out.



Q: Do you meal plan?

A: No, but I’ve heard great things about it. It isn’t really for me because I like to decide what I’m going to eat right before I eat it, so I can eat whatever I’m in the mood for. Sometimes, I’ll plan ahead if I know I’m going to be splurging later in the day. However, like I said, it works very well for a lot of people and I really believe it can help you stay on track. It can also make grocery shopping a lot easier!

Q: How do you hear about all this weird “foodie stuff” (i.e. chia seeds, nut butters, PB2, etc.) and where do you buy it?

A: Other blogs! I’ve said numerous times how I learn a lot from other healthy living blogs (check out some of my faves here). I never used to feel this way, but it’s fun to try new things! You can find a lot of this “foodie stuff” at health food stores or online. Unfortunately, some items are are not available in certain areas. I was lucky to find a location in Grand Rapids that sells PB2, but you can’t find it anywhere in Traverse City Sad smile.



Your turn to answer a question: Do you plan your meals?

Like I said, it isn’t really my thing right now, but when I graduate and start to settle down, I am definitely going to look into it.


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