Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gallivanting Around Traverse City

Gooood morning! I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far. It looks like I have some new readers so I just want to say HI! I’m slightly embarrassed that the last thing I posted was that ridiculous video of my friend and I dancing in my car, but hey, at least now you have an accurate representation of my personality Winking smile I hope it doesn’t stop you from coming back again Smile

Anyways, I just finished the Cherry Festival 5K this morning, but I’m saving that recap for tomorrow Winking smileFirst, let’s backtrack to yesterday!


After we slowly and lazily got ourselves up and moving after Thursday night's fun, Eric and I headed to Bubba’s (yes, AGAIN!) for lunch.



Side note: Before I took that picture of him I told him to make a stupid face, and right as he did a guy in the background bent over to pick something up and it made the picture absolutely perfect.


We were cracking up pretty hard so I thought maybe you might get a kick out of it too Smile


Anyways, there are about a million things on the menu that I still want to try there, but I am just so in love with their veggie burgers that I got the same meal again. (I’m not going to post a picture, but I assure you it looked the same as it did on Thursday.) Eric ordered a haystack burger


And experienced his first foodgasm.


Yeah, their burgers are that good Winking smile


After lunch we went out to Peninsula Cellars winery and sampled a couple wines. I love this winery because it’s actually an old schoolhouse and some of their wines have fun names like “Homework” and “Detention.”


It was a gorgeous day out to go wine tasting.




When we finished up at the winery we hit up the beach for an hour or so and then headed back to my house to meet up with our other friend Aimee who drove up from Grand Rapids. Since we all ran in the race this morning, we continued with our typical pre-race dinner of Italian food. We went to Tuscan Bistro right down by the bay. We started off with some tasty bread dipped in a pesto olive oil sauce:


And I ordered a half order of the Chef Special for my main meal.



It was absolutely delicious and the perfect portion size. It felt so strange getting such a “small” meal at a restaurant, but I didn’t leave feeling like I was going to bust the zipper on my pants which was a welcomed change Winking smile


After we finished our pasta we went downtown to check out the Cherry Festival.


As we were walking through the midway I remembered how much I used to love riding 1001 Nights as a kid, so we all coughed up the $4 and went for a little ride!


Then we went over to the Open Space for some cherry samples. I got my fill of jam and salsa, and then went crazy when I saw the Naturally Nutty tent. Even though there were only three flavors I hadn’t tried, I made sure to sample them all and told the founders about my obsession Winking smile


We headed home shortly after that and hit the sack so we’d be rested for the race today.


I had so much fun yesterday with my friends. I seriously LOVE Traverse City in the summer. As a long time resident, sometimes I forget that and take advantage of how gorgeous and fun it is up here, but I was definitely reminded yesterday Smile


Have a great day and I’ll see ya tomorrow with a recap from the race this morning!


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