Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hot Mess Breakfast

Heeeey! Happy Saturday folks. Hope you’re all having a great weekend so far; what’s everyone up to? I originally didn’t have any plans but to chill out and enjoy the next two days off, but it sounds like something may have just popped up for tonight. Needless to say, I’m sort of excited Smile



This morning I woke up and made a super Saturday breakfast omelet, that looked, well, like a hot mess.


It contained one whole egg, three egg whites, 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms, spinach, and some tomato basil feta. It may not have been very pretty, but it was sure tasty!


I also had a strawberry Chobani on the side, but ended up only eating half of it because I was so full from my omelet.


After breakfast I hit the gym for some cardio. I did 20 minutes on the Stairmaster followed by 25 minutes on the Arc Trainer. When I finished getting my sweat on, I went downtown to a local running store to look for some pictures of myself and my friends from the race last weekend. They had a bunch of them hanging in the windows, and while I found pictures of Eric and Aimee right away, I had no luck finding any snapshots of myself. Sad day.

When I got back home I made a quick lunch for myself consisting of half of a chipotle chicken wrap from Oryana and some fruit. (I had the other half of the wrap for dinner last night.)


My organic wrap contained chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado and chipotle sauce. SO GOOD.


I’m off to shower and get ready, and then my mom and I have to take Ashley to the vet. She’s not feeling well again so I think it’s time for another antibiotic shot Sad smileSee ya’ll later!


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