Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Hilly Ride

Remember this morning when I mentioned I was going on a bike ride with a friend today? Well, all I can say is, WHAT a ride!

I met up with my friend (and Kappa Psi brother) Brad over on the other side of town near the end of the TART trail. I do a lot of my rides on the TART trail, just riding from one side of town to the other. It’s a flat, easy ride and is about 15 miles total when I’m done. I was pretty much expecting to just ride on the trail today like I normally do, but boy was I wrong!

I could tell when Brad arrived that he was ready to do some serious riding, and I knew I’d be in for a challenging workout when he said we were starting with some hills! We immediately skipped right to the end of the trail and headed up into one of the (very hilly) neighborhoods to give our legs a nice little warm-up. Let me just say that I am NOT used to warming up with hills like this:


Within ten minutes of our ride I felt like I had gotten a better workout than on any of my previous bike rides I’ve done this summer.


At least I wasn’t the only one who was tired!


We did about five miles of hills (up and down around hilly neighborhoods) before heading back down to the TART trail and riding my normal route to the other side of town and back. All together, we covered 20.56 miles in 1:45. That may seem slow, but blame it on the hills!

Today’s ride made me realize how important it is to challenge myself when I’m exercising. While they were difficult, I felt so accomplished making it to the top of some of the huge hills that I’ve never been able to ride up before. It was really great having a riding buddy also to help push me!


I arrived home ready to chew my arm off, but settled on salad and leftover lasagna (made with ground chicken) instead.



I swear, that portion isn’t as big as it looks. It got smashed down in the microwave when I covered with a second plate to keep it from splattering.

You know, in case you were wondering.



I’m off to dinner with the familia and then it’s concert time! See ya later!


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