Monday, July 25, 2011

Rocking The Knee Brace

Hey hey! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I know I did Open-mouthed smile

So, good news. Yesterday, I RAN for the first time since the Cherry Festival 5K over two weeks ago. While everyone knows that I really don’t like running that much (I just do it for the HUGE calorie burn), the real reason why I haven’t been running lately is because my knee has been bothering me. While I thought the source of the pain was running, it hasn’t gotten any better (and actually feels worse on some days) over the last two weeks and I haven’t been doing any running at all. On Friday night I was talking to Melissa about it and she said that when she uses the Arc Trainer (which has become my new favorite form of cardio lately, as you can see from my exercise log) it really bothers her knees.


When you use the Arc Trainer, your knees go up pretty high and I can see how it could cause problems for some people. While I think that running definitely contributes to it, I think that the Arc Trainer might also be causing some of my knee pain, especially since I don’t have any other explanations. Even though I love this piece of workout equipment, I think I’m going to stay away from it for a couple weeks and see if my knee feels better.

Anyways, as I was saying earlier, I am bringing running back! Yesterday I finally sucked it up, took some naproxen (Aleeve), put on my knee brace that I purchased last year (but somehow never got around to using), and hit the treadmill. The verdict? My knee felt much better with the brace on, but today my OTHER knee (the one that didn’t have a brace) is bothering me. Guess I’m going to have to invest in a second knee brace! Soon I’m going to be rolling like Caitlin Winking smile


Oh, and if you’re wondering about the stats of yesterday’s run, it was nothing impressive. Not only am I in horrible running shape right now, but I wanted to take it slow to see how my knee felt. I ran 3.0 miles and stayed at a speed of 5.5 mph almost the entire time, finishing in 32:50. Don’t worry, I’ll bring that time down in no time Smile


After this morning’s workout, which consisted of my usual chest and triceps lift plus 20 minutes on the Stairmaster, all I was craving was some cold cereal. Cinnamon Raisin Granola (my new favorite) did the trick!


Plus the standard egg whites and ketchup.


I really need to find some other places to take photographs of my food. One of these days, I’m going to knock it right off my porch, I just know it.


Winking smile


Off to work!


Do any of you use the Arc Trainer? Have you experienced any knee pain with it?


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