Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sclerotherapy Part 2

Yesterday was a GREAT day! I woke up bright and early, wolfed down a bowl of no-bake overnight oats


and hit the road for Grand Rapids. I had to drive down anyways for a follow-up sclerotherapy appointment and while I was there I took the opportunity to hang out with my old roommate, who also happens to be one of my closest friends, Eric!


We started off with lunch at El Barrio Mexican Grill, and you KNOW that for me, Mexican food = margaritas Winking smile



(original flavor on the rocks for him, frozen strawberry for me)

We also enjoyed some festive chips and salsa:


And for my meal I ordered the chicken carnitas.


“Marinated grilled chicken carnitas topped with our homemade verde sauce and queso Chihuahua in a salt rimmed skillet.”

They were served with warm tortillas, which I used two of:


And then I just ate the rest of the chicken right out of the skillet Open-mouthed smile


After lunch, it was time for my appointment. Eric napped in the car while I psyched myself up for more saline injections.


Luckily, my doctor is SO cool and not only is he super quick and very good at the vein treatment, but he even let me get a photo for the blog during the procedure!


Don’t ask me why I’m okay with posting these incredibly unflattering pictures of myself on the internet, because I don’t really have an answer.

All the doc needed to do during yesterday’s appointment was a little touch-up on some of the smaller veins. It was pretty fast (less than 20 minutes all together), but the best part was that I don’t have to wear my compression stockings this time! This was particularly good news for me because not only do I have a race this Saturday (and the stockings kind of limit my ability to run and workout), but it also meant I could spend the afternoon at the pool Open-mouthed smile


So of course, after my procedure was finished, we headed straight home to change and get our burn tan on Smile


After a glorious nap under the sun, we headed back to Eric’s apartment and he grilled up some chicken and steak for dinner before I hit the road. He made THREE different flavors of chicken, and everything was delicious!


Served with salad:


Then it was time to head back to Traverse City. I was kind of sad to leave; it’s weird going from living with someone and seeing them every single day to only seeing them once every few weeks. However, life goes on and it’s all part of moving onto the next chapter of my life. Pretty soon we’ll all be graduating and who knows when I’ll see ANY of my classmates!


Well, I’m off to the gym and then work. I had so much fun on my day off yesterday, but now it’s back to the routine. Blaaaaah. ha ha Winking smile


Oh! By the way, Eric recently started his own blog (I love when my friends start blogs Open-mouthed smile) and you should go check it out! It’s mostly a workout blog where he writes all about his latest routines at the gym, what he wants to work on, and how he’s changing things up. If you’re a long time reader of my blog then you know how he used to train me and how I used to work out with him all the time, and I get a lot of my lifting ideas right from him!


See ya laterrrr!


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