Monday, August 29, 2011

Accidental Shoplifter

Well look, if it isn’t Monday again; nice to see you!


Winking smile

Haha. Today is going to be a little crazy. Since I don’t have to be at my rotation until noon this week, I decided to stay an extra night in Grand Rapids and drive back this morning. When I get back I’ll have to get ready and if I have any extra time I’ve gotta use it to work on some of my many projects I’ve got this week, since all I did was procrastinate yesterday, per usual.


Lunch was leftover pizza and fruit from Saturday:


Side note: This Pizza Hut ham and pineapple thin crust pizza (large) is only 240 calories for a slice. Win.

After lunch my day was spent catching up on blogs and reading. I really did want to get some work done, but I just never get days where I can sit around and do nothing all day so I decided to take full advantage of it. Eric however stayed hard at work all afternoon (kudos to those non-procrastinators) and was ready for a break around 5:00. The study break took us to Target, where he could do his nerdy thing and look at computer games:


And I could pick up my next book.


That I almost stole…


I can’t believe I did this, but while we were at the store we got into a serious conversation about how much we wanted popcorn and ice cream (we didn’t cave). He ended up not buying anything so we never went to the check out stands, and I got so caught up in our conversation that I walked right out of the store with the book in my hand! We got half way to the parking lot before I exclaimed, mortified, “OMG! I didn’t pay for this!”

I ran back into the store and the lines were pretty long, and since I was so embarrassed I just threw it on a shelf and ran out. I basically shoplifted without knowing it, and I still can’t believe I did that. However, the scariest part is that nobody saw a thing and if I was *that* kind of person I totally would have gotten away with it.


After my little accidental-shoplifter debacle, we came home and Eric cooked up some dinner.


This was a spinoff of chicken parmesan, and it was delicious! I served mine over a bed of spinach for some veggie action:


Mmm mmm good Smile


After dinner we went downtown to meet up with a friend for a little while. On our way out, we discovered a bunch of broken Twizzler pieces all over the steps leading up to the apartment. Seriously? I think God knows that I can't have sweets right now and is trying to tease me. I’m not amused.


Alright, time to hit the road! See ya in Traverse City Smile.


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