Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Weekend in GR

Heeeey happy Saturday Open-mouthed smileHope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I know I’m taking full advantage of not doing anything school related, but unfortunately that ends tomorrow Sad smile

So, I briefly mentioned yesterday that I came down to Grand Rapids on Thursday night for the weekend but never really said why. Well, yesterday I had to listen to clinical seminar presentations from fellow students all morning, which is why I didn’t have to go to my rotation. (Clinical seminar is a huge research project that we do our P4 year where we answer a clinical question; sort of like how other graduate students have to write a thesis.) Also, our friend Erin, who moved to North Carolina last summer after getting married, will be in Grand Haven for the week visiting her family. Since Grand Haven is only about 45 minutes away from Grand Rapids, we knew that we had to make plans to see her at some point.

Anyways, after we were done watching seminar presentations all morning yesterday, Elly and I walked to Jimmy John’s to grab some lunch. I had a Beach Club Unwich (hold the tomato), which came with turkey, sprouts, provolone, avocado spread and mayo all rolled up into a lettuce wrap.


I love Jimmy John’s bread, but I knew we were grabbing Mexican for dinner and I saved over 300 calories by going with the Unwich. Plus, they’re still delicious!

El Burrito Loco

After lunch, I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, napping and blogging. Soon enough, it was dinner time and Eric, Aimee and I headed out to one of my favorite restaurants, El Burrito Loco. (Are you really surprised?)

When I went to order my usual margarita, the waitress informed us that they were having a special where the large margaritas were the same price as the mediums. I was driving and had no interest in ordering a larger size (neither did Aimee), but Eric persuaded us to just do it.

Ummm, holy margarita.


I drank about one third of it before passing it off to Eric. After all, I had to save room for my main meal: pollo supremo!


I filled up two tortillas and then just ate the rest of it right off the plate. Love love LOVE this meal.

After dinner we headed downtown to meet up with some fellow classmates and celebrate the first week of rotations being over. It was a great time, but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera Sad smile



This morning we were up bright and early so Eric, Aimee, and our other friend Gina could go for a run. I didn’t join them today because not only did I forget my gym shoes, but I’m also much slower and I really don’t like running with other people for that reason. Besides, I had lots of fun staying home and playing with my new phone Open-mouthed smile


Before they left, Eric toasted up some Eggo waffles for us to eat for breakfast, which I topped with some peanut butter.


Not the prettiest picture, but what can ya do?


I’ll take PB over syrup any day Winking smile


Well, we’re off to Grand Haven for the day to see Erin! Enjoy your Saturday Smile


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