Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Car Noises

Hey there SmileHope you all enjoyed this morning’s guest post about losing weight while caring for a family. Katie definitely has some good advice Smile.

My day started off with a good cardio sesh at el gymo this morning:

  • 15 min elliptical
  • 10 min Stairmaster
  • 20 min Arc Trainer

Then I headed straight to Junior’s Tires to get my car looked at. It has been making these weird noises lately that kind of sounded like my bearings (I’ve had problems with those before). I was hoping I could just stop by and they’d be able to take care of it relatively quickly. I came well prepared with breakfast to munch in the waiting room:

bfast cookie

(oats, chocolate protein powder, almond butter, splash of milk, dried cherries, walnuts)

And my laptop to get some work done while I waited (they have free Wi-Fi!):


However, not even five minutes after I opened up my lap top the guy came out and told me that it wasn’t my bearings that were the problem. It was actually a heat shield that was loose (I think?) and I need to take it to a muffler shop to get it repaired. I stopped by a muffler shop on my way home to see if they had time to take me as a walk-in, but they were too busy and I ended up having to make an appointment for next week. Ah well, guess I’ll have to deal with the noise for a few more days.

When I got back to my house I worked on my next journal club for about an hour and then got ready for my rotation. I got hungry around 11:30 and was having a major sweet tooth attack (it’s almost that time of the month too so it’s really bad right now) so I ended up eating a slice of leftover baked French Toast that my mom made last night.

french toast

This satisfied my hunger and my sweet tooth without actually being dessert Open-mouthed smile.

Eating another meal before I left also kept me full for longer, so I was able to turn my work lunch into dinner. The meal was standard packed lunch fare for me: Spinach salad with all the usual toppings


(Notice I took the photo post-dressing this time as opposed to before like I usually do. Gotta mix it up sometimes Winking smile.)

Plus an Everything Bagel Thin with turkey, a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, and avocado:

bagel thin


After my rotation I came home and Skyped for a little while and now I’m going to read my latest book. The next couple days are going to be very busy so I’m going to take advantage of this time to relax while I can!


Enjoy your evening Smile.


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