Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ex-Picky Eater

Good evening folks Smile. Today was a loooong day at work. I’m totally exhausted, so right now my butt is glued to the couch for quite possibly the rest of the night.

Last night was a good time, though! I met up with Elly and our other friend Nikki for dinner and drinks at North Peak Brewing Company. I don’t think I’ve been there since my birthday, which is sad because it’s one of my favorite restaurants. I start off with a North Light beer:


And since North Peak has amazing pizzas, we decided that was the way to go for our meals. Pepperoni for Elly and Nikki:


And pesto chicken with wild mushrooms for me Open-mouthed smile:


(chicken, sundried tomato, mushrooms, cheese and pesto sauce)

Oh. Yeah.


It’s funny, because a few years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead ordering something like this. I used to be the pickiest eater on the planet, and refused to eat anything “weird.” True story: I was such a picky eater that I wouldn’t even eat sauce on my pizza. In fact, the only way I would eat it was with cheese and black olives. I can’t imagine eating pizza without sauce now; it wouldn’t be pizza!

Oh, and this may have happened last night as well…


I know it looks good, but honestly, I wouldn’t order it again. There’s brownie on the bottom of that and it was hard as a rock. Totally not worth the calories.


We followed up dinner with a couple more drinks at Kilkenny’s, the Irish pub below the restaurant.


It was a good time with the girls and a fun night out that I definitely needed after a long week.


Oh, and Elly wanted me to make sure that you all knew that she is in fact wearing shorts in this picture, just in case anyone was alarmed Smile.


Breakfast this morning was a big bowl of oatmeal full of all kinds of fun stuff to fuel me through a long morning at work.


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • big blob of almond butter
  • dried cherries
  • walnuts

I was so glad that I had this filling breakfast because we were so busy at work today that I didn’t get my lunch break until 3:00! 7 hours without food makes me very grumpy.


I was a slacker with lunch and dinner pictures, but lunch was my leftover pizza from last night and dinner was a chicken burger. Yum.


I predict a very early bedtime tonight, and I’m totally okay with that.



Are you a picky eater or did you used to be?


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