Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I’d Rather Pack My Lunch

Heeeey Open-mouthed smile. So sorry to leave you without a post from yours truly yesterday, I know you probably had a hard time getting through your day without it Winking smile. As predicted, I spent the entire night working on my formal case presentation. In fact, I have pretty much been emerged in the study of sepsis management for 48 hours straight since Sunday, with a couple of short breaks at night for some shut eye. Luckily all my hard work paid off, and my presentation went well. I’m so glad it’s over, I was a nervous wreck all morning!

Since I can’t really blog about everything that’s happened in the last two days without making an unbearably long post and boring you to death, I’m going to just skip those details. As I just mentioned, most of my time has been spent working on my formal case presentation anyway. Even though I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about vasopressors, antibiotics and activated protein C, I won’t clog up your Google Readers with that fun stuff Winking smile.



I’m not really sure why I gave this part its own section because the most exercise I’ve gotten over the last two days is walking up the stairs at the hospital. I anticipated not making it to the gym yesterday on account of the fact that I knew I’d be working on my project all night, but I did plan on working out this afternoon. However, I was so utterly exhausted from not getting enough sleep the past few nights that I just decided to take a little snooze when I got home.

Another reason why I opted to pass on the gym this today was because I had a yearly physical at my doctor’s office at 6:00 and didn’t want to be rushing around like a mad-woman trying to change, workout, shower, change again and make it to to my appointment on time. Although, I’m not really sure why they require you to be on time when they never seem to be on schedule. Seriously, what is with that at doctors’ offices? I arrived promptly at 5:50 pm and my doctor didn’t even walk into the room until after 6:30. Good thing I had some entertainment in the form of blog-stalking and book-reading Smile.


(BTW, I am loving this book so far!)

I’d Rather Pack My Lunch

After my doctor’s appointment I came home on munched on half of a chicken chipotle wrap from Oryana for dinner.


I wasn’t too hungry since I had wolfed down some of my favorite granola earlier when I got home from my rotation. After I finished eating I prepped my breakfast for tomorrow and made my lunch. I have come to realize that I actually prefer my home-packed lunches much more than the food that is served in the cafeteria. Sure, they definitely have some delicious entrees sometimes, but when I’m not treating myself to something special I find that I’m usually quite bored with the options. I stay away from all the fried and greasy foods, the salad bar doesn’t have my favorite toppings, and all the healthy food is quite expensive. I’ll take my repetitive, yet tasty, packed lunches any day!

Tomorrow’s lunch features the other half of my wrap from tonight, plus a spinach and strawberry salad:


And a strawberry banana Greek yogurt (my favorite kind!!)


Now it’s all packed up and ready to go!


I’m already looking forward to lunch tomorrow Open-mouthed smile.


Now I’m off to do some reading and relax for the rest of the night. Tomorrow it’s back to business with more projects!


Question: Do you pack your lunch every day or buy it somewhere?


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