Friday, August 12, 2011

Long Interval Pyramid Style Workout

TGIF! Anyone got any fun plans this weekend? I’ll be working, gross Confused smile.

Breakfast today was a nice change of pace from the breakfast cookies I’ve been eating for most of the week:


Egg whites, toast and yogurt is one of my favorite meals because I get sweet AND savory and it’s jam packed with protein. Win win win.


In other news, I have GOT to start going to bed earlier. Last night I didn’t get into bed until 11:00, which is way too late when you have a 5:30 am wake-up call. As expected, I was seriously dragging all day.


There was so much work to be done this morning but all I wanted to do was just pass out on the desk.


Somehow I found enough energy to catch up on my patients and look up all of the drug information that I needed to, but lunch was what really pumped me up and got me through the day! Friday is the day I treat myself and buy my lunch in the cafeteria, and on today’s menu was organic cashew chicken stir-fry Open-mouthed smile.

cashew chicken

Seriously, what hospital serves organic chicken stir-fry? The food in this place is legit. Unfortunately, as I just mentioned, I limit myself to once a week when it comes to buying my lunch. All the other days I just leave my wallet in my car because it’s too tempting for me to buy junk food if I don’t.



I totally kicked my own butt at the gym this afternoon. Today’s workout was inspired by Wednesday's treadmill workout. I like to call this my “long interval pyramid style” workout:

treadmill workout2

I was just as exhausted, if not more exhausted, after this workout as I was after Wednesday’s. Even though the running segments were shorter, there were more of them and they were also faster! I also did the running segments pyramid style in the sense that I increased the pace every segment and then brought it back down. Even though I still feel slower than I used to be, I can already tell that my endurance is improving. It feels so good to push myself like this at the gym again, I just got to keep it up!


Well, I’ve got dinner plans in less than thirty minutes so I guess I better jump in the shower!


Have a great night and I’ll see ya tomorrow Smile.


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