Monday, August 8, 2011

My Monday

6:00 am: Wake up, get dressed and ready for rotation


6:30 am:
Throw a bunch of random ingredients in the blender and call it breakfast


Smoothies to-go are my friends these days with limited time in the morning.


(frozen berries, frozen cherries, raspberry Chobani, strawberry protein powder, splash of milk, handful of organic spinach)

7:00 am – 4:00 pm:

(Lunch was leftover pizza that I picked up yesterday for lunch while I was still downstate)


Thin crust veggie lovers for the win!

4:15 pm: Drive to my grandparents (who live right downtown near the bay where it is flat) and lace up my sneakers for a run. (Warning: overshare ahead) I was shooting for 3.0 miles, but unfortunately I was interrupted at mile 2.2 with an omg I have to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW moment. I seriously didn’t think I would make it back to my grandparents without having an accident all over the sidewalk. It was bad.

Don’t worry. I made it.

5:00 pm: Go to store to pick up a few things I need.

5:30 pm: Hit the gym for a leg lift that didn’t *really* happen because my knee started hurting and I was having issues with the equipment. I made it halfway through before getting really frustrated and just going home because I was stressed about everything I have to get done for my rotation tonight.

(FYI I was going to do this workout that I stole from Eric's blog, had I not been having so many “issues.”)

6:15: Dinner with the ‘rents.


Pasta with spinach that I topped with chicken and some parmesan cheese:


And baked zucchini topped with bread crumbs:


7:30 pm: Blog

8:00 pm – Bedtime (probably 10ish): Work on rotation projects/assignments.



What did YOU do today?


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