Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Down, Four To Go

Hey hey happy hump day!

Yesterday I came right home from my rotation and got to work on my journal club paper, working on it non-stop from about 4:00-9:30. Journal club is a project that we do on our rotations, where we are assigned a journal article (typically a study of some sort relating to a patient case) and we have to prepare a handout and present the information in the article to other students and pharmacists.


The pharmacists evaluate our presentation as well as our handout, and since I always get nervous when there’s grading involved I was pretty stressed all day yesterday and this morning. However, I was pretty pleased with the way my handout turned out and my journal club went very well today Open-mouthed smileI’m just glad it’s over! One presentation down, four more to go (for this rotation anyway).


My workout didn’t happen yesterday because I spent the whole day working on journal club, so today I could not get my butt to the gym fast enough after I got done at my rotation. I was craving a huge sweat fest (does anyone else ever get strange cravings for exercise…or am I just a freak?) and sweat fest was what I got!

Whenever I’m in the mood for a tough workout and a huge calorie burn, I know that running is the way to go. I may not like it very much, but boy does it feel good to get it done! Today, I did this treadmill workout where I alternated 5 minutes of walking with 10 minutes of running and repeated this three times. I also gradually increased the speed on each running segment.

treadmill workout

You can always adjust the speeds, as well as the time intervals for the walking and running portions, to suit your own personal fitness needs and abilities. I know that I personally am not in as good of shape right now as I used to be and even though my running paces may be slow, this was one heck of a workout for me. I was a sweaty beast when I was done! I’m sure you’ll be seeing more treadmill workouts like this in the future Open-mouthed smile


I’ve been bringing back the breakfast cookie over the past couple days because it’s another quick and easy morning meal and I can prep it the night before.

breakfast cookie

(1/3 cup oats, 1 Tbsp almond butter, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, splash of milk, dried cherries, walnuts; mix it all up, refrigerate overnight and enjoy in the morning! You can think Gina for this one.)

Yesterday I wasn’t very hungry at dinner time (too stressed about journal club) so I munched on some fruit:


And eventually when my stomach started to rumble I made some egg whites and toast:


Lunches have been pretty standard (salads, bagelwiches) and I’ve been munching on granola bars and bananas if I get hungry when I’m working at my rotation.



Dinner tonight featured pierogies:


So, so good. Love those things!


Well, this post has gotten way to long so I’m going to finish up and go read about atrial fibrillation. Ah, the life of a pharmacy student.


Enjoy your night and I’ll see ya tomorrow!


Question: What are your favorite fast and easy breakfasts? I’m getting sick of smoothies and I try to limit breakfast cookies to once or twice a week, so I need some ideas!


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