Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Sign Of Old Age?

Moooooorning! Hope you all had a great night last night. Sorry I was MIA; I was in one of my I really don’t feel like blogging moods and didn’t want to try to force it Winking smile.


Anyways, thank you SO much for all of your tips about my knee problems. I think I’m on the right track with the icing, but I am definitely going to invest in a foam roller, per your advice. I would like to especially thank Leah, a chiropractor who found my blog and left some great tips! Here’s what she had to say:


Thank you so much for the information, Leah! It was very helpful, and hopefully some other readers will benefit from it as well Smile.


So, last night was pretty uneventful. I came home from my rotation, ate a snack, went to the mall, hit the gym, then came home and ate dinner; which came in the form of homemade ham pizza made by Chef Mom:


Then I ate ate a huge bran muffin and proceeded to go into a carb coma. It wasn’t very fun.

I spent the rest of my night doing some major organizing:


(I have way too many papers)


And my primary entertainment came in the form of watching my cat act like a goon.


Does anyone else’s cat refuse to drink out of his/her water bowl? Ashley will now only drink out of the shower or the bathroom sink, and she’ll just sit there and wait for you to fill it up. Maybe it’s some odd sign of old age? So weird!


Sometimes I wish I could read her mind…


Alright, well I just finished munching breakfast:


And now I’m hitting the road for Grand Rapids. We’re having a BBQ/party tonight with some of our friends so I’m pretty excited!


Have a great Saturday Smile


Oh! By the way, I totally turned down these yesterday at lunch:


I haven't cheated once yet, but yesterday was the hardest day so far. My dessert cravings were out of control!


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