Monday, September 5, 2011

Courtney’s Birthday

Have I mentioned that I love three day weekends? I’ve been having an absolute blast the last couple days, and today is going to be a day of getting work done, relaxing, and preparing for the week ahead. I think we should start a petition requesting that all weekends be three days and the work week only be four. Anyone else with me? Smile

So yesterday morning Eric and I decided to get our lazy butts moving and we went on a little hike behind the state hospital grounds downtown.


I’ve actually never been hiking back there but I’ll definitely be back! There were tons of different trails you could take:


Some of them took you way up high (and gave you a nice workout too!) and some were flatter. It was a sunny morning and the scenery was so pretty.


We also ran into a couple mountain bikers and lots of people had their dogs. I cannot wait until I graduate, move out of the house and can get a dog of my own. We’ll be doing nature hikes on a regular basis Smile.


Courtney’s Birthday

As I mentioned yesterday, it was also my sister’s birthday. After our hike we got all cleaned up and ready to go out for a late lunch.


She requested to dine at a restaurant that we all absolutely love: Bubba's!


I’ve raved about their amazing veggie burger before, and it definitely did not disappoint this time!


(This meal also made the What I WISH I Ate Wednesday cut with the foods that I would eat if calories didn’t matter)

We ate until we couldn’t eat any more, but somehow we all magically found room for my mom’s homemade cheesecake for dessert Winking smile.


We only lit two candles so the cake wouldn’t get all waxy.



Remember on Saturday when I mentioned I’d be indulging one more time this weekend before getting back on track with my No Sweets Challenge? Well, please feast your eyes on this slice of heaven:


That would be a homemade praline sauce on top. I die.

This was Courtney’s first birthday in a while that I was actually able to be present for on the actual day. I’m usually gone away at school, so it was nice to be home and I had a lot of fun celebrating with her.



Now I’m off to take advantage of this last day of the weekend. Eric hit the road earlier this morning and now I’ve got a laundry list of things to get done before I head back to my rotation tomorrow. See ya later!


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