Friday, September 2, 2011

Drama Queen

It’s Fridaaaaaaay! *does happy dance* Unfortunately I’ve got another eight hours or so until my weekend begins. This morning I have an oral exam at my rotation (wish me luck!) where I have to present a patient case to three or four pharmacists and am evaluated on my presentation and my ability to answer their questions. I also have to lead a topic discussion at about 2:00 with the other students and a couple pharmacist. Let’s just say I’ll be glad when today is over!

Yesterday before I left for my rotation I made a huge spinach salad for lunch that looked exactly like the one I had on Monday. I was running late and didn’t have time to make it look all pretty and take a picture, so here’s a recycled photo for ya:


The entire meal was actually the same as Monday's lunch, only with a black cherry Chobani instead of a strawberry banana flavored one.

On my break later in the day, I enjoyed some pasta tossed with spinach that my mom had made on Wednesday. I also added some shredded chicken for some added protein:

spinach pasta

Plus strawberries:


I had plans to come home and last night and prep for today’s presentations, but a couple of unexpected events came up and plans changed. The biggest one was that my friend Elly came over last minute to stay the night. I’m going to leave the details off the blog, but she had a situation come up and needed to stay over here. I love Elly to death and was happy to have her over Smile. Unfortunately, as much as I would have loved to stay up late and have girl talk, she also has an oral exam and topic discussion today (she’s on the same rotation as me) so we had to head to bed at a decent hour. However, I’m pretty sure Ashley wanted me to stay up all night and play with her, judging by the fact that she plopped right down next to my computer and wouldn’t leave my side.


Then she got mad at me for not giving her enough attention and I got the butt.


Such a drama queen Winking smile


Oh! Here’s breakfast:


Yes I know, it’s the exact same thing I had yesterday, but it was that good Smile.



Off to my oral exam, wish me luck!


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