Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ellsworth and Dresses

Heeeeeey Smile. Hope you all are having a great Sunday. I’ve been spending my day napping, shopping (more on that later), and procrastinating on school projects. Exactly how a Sunday should be Winking smile.


So yesterday after I last saw ya I went to Pizza Hut with my family for a multi-birthday celebration. My grandma’s birthday was on Thursday, my sister's birthday was on the 4th, and my uncle’s birthday was last week as well. You all know how much I love Pizza Hut and we ordered a nice little spread, so I was a happy girl Smile.


Choices included pan crust supreme, pan crust ham and pineapple, and thin crust veggie lovers. I had a slice of the veggie lovers and a slice of the ham and pineapple, plus 1.5 cheese breadsticks. For me, that is some maja’ self control Winking smile.

After dinner with the fam I picked up one of Elly's friends and we headed up to her small hometown of Ellsworth for a fun night out! She’s lived there her entire life and I have been wanting to make a trip up there to visit for a while. It’s so different from Traverse City because every single person knows each other, where they live, who their parents are, etc. In fact, once we entered Ellsworth, Elly’s friend started pointing out who lived in every single house that we drove by. I can’t imagine knowing everyone who lives in my town! Another thing that made me laugh about her small town? The fact that Ellsworth’s entire high school is the size of my high school’s gym (and I went to one of the four high schools in Traverse City). She graduated in a class of 20, I graduated in a class of 500. Crazy!

Anyways, our night started at a bar called Townhouse in Charlevoix, which is a nice town about ten minutes north of Ellsworth.


Then we headed back to Ellsworth to hit up the local bar, The Gold Nugget. There was a band playing some good music so the bar was packed!


Check out the lead singer’s hair!


Once again, everyone knew everyone at the bar so I was introduced to a LOT of people during the night. It was a real good time Open-mouthed smile.


I will most certainly be back to visit Ellsworth again Smile.



I arrived back home in Traverse City around 11:00 this morning and gobbled up some leftover veggie pizza for an early lunch.


(My sister snagged a piece of the crust before I took the picture)

I had some shopping plans in the afternoon, so it was perfect pre-shopping fuel Winking smile. My shopping plans were centered around finding a dress for a Kappa Psi event I have this weekend. We have a Province assembly twice a year (you can read about my spring assembly in Detroit here, here and here) and on the last night there is always a formal dinner that we get all fancy schmancy for.

I literally went to every store in the mall that sells dresses looking for something to wear on Saturday night, and had horrible luck. I finally found two possible options at Deb:


I really love the black and white dress, but it’s a little too tight. You can’t really tell from that picture, but when you’re up close or looking at me from the side you can definitely see that it’s the Battle of the Bulge between my stomach and my ass and it’s not very flattering. I think the black one looks better, but I’m a little self conscious about the fact that it’s a little shorter than I normally roll. Even though my sclerotherapy was successful and I don’t really worry about spider veins anymore, I still have a lot of cellulite that I’m not too crazy about.

I’ll probably end up wearing the black one on Saturday, but I’m considering bringing a back-up dress just in case. I’m going to get a couple more opinions, but in the mean time, what do you guys think? Oh, I’m also thinking about keeping the black and white one and wearing it to the spring assembly in April because I think I could pull it off if I lost about 15 or 20 more pounds!

My shopping trip also resulted in this unplanned purchase:


It’s a necklace/jewelry holder! I’ve been looking for a jewelry box for a long time to hold all my necklaces, but haven’t been able to find a cheap one. I saw this at Deb for ten bucks as I was waiting in line to check out and thought it would be a perfect temporary fix.


Not bad, right?


Here’s dinner:


Potato soup, bread and fruit.


Mmm…I sense leftovers in my future Open-mouthed smile.


Have a great night my friends!


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