Sunday, September 25, 2011

P.F. Chang’s

Wow, what an awesome weekend! As I mentioned in my last post, on Friday Eric, Aimee, our other friend Sarah, and I went down to Lombard, IL for a Kappa Psi conference. We all had such a blast and I’m already looking forward to the spring assembly!

When we arrived late on Friday night, we were all exhausted from the long drive and from the festivities the night before. We ended up just briefly saying hi to the rest of our friends before calling it an early night.

On Saturday, our day started bright and early with a morning meeting.


Breakfast was served, but by the time we got there everything was picked over and there was hardly any food left. I grabbed one of the last pieces of banana bread and a yogurt:


By the way, after becoming completely obsessed with Chobani, I realized how different (in a good way) Greek yogurt tastes from regular yogurt. This Yoplait that I had tasted so runny and weird, I missed my Chobani!

The meeting lasted a couple of hours and then we had a break for lunch, which we were on our own for. The itinerary included a list of nearby restaurants and after spotting a P.F. Changs on the list, we knew instantly where we wanted to go. I’ve heard great things about this restaurant, but we don’t have one in Traverse City and I’ve always wanted to go.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones who were in the mood for Chinese, because we had quite a large group join us at the restaurant!


I started my meal off with a cup of the egg drop soup, which was delicious.


And I ordered the chicken lettuce wraps for my main meal.


I ordered these for a few reasons: the first being that I have heard that this dish is particularly tasty, the second being that I didn’t want to go absolutely crazy with calories, and the third being that my body was seriously craving vegetables (I also stole the broccoli from Eric's sesame chicken as well).


Well, I must say that it was absolutely delicious and I did feel better after getting some veggies in me, but it wasn’t quite as low on the calories as I would have liked. For those of you that are wondering, the entire dish is about 640 calories. With the addition of my egg drop soup (60 calories), my meal ended up being about 700 calories total. Not horrible, and definitely not bad for a meal at a Chinese restaurant, but I still would have liked to keep it around 500 or 600. Ah well, life goes on!


After lunch, Eric and Aimee had more meetings to attend so I took advantage of the empty hotel room and got some good relaxation time in my super comfy bed.


I also caved and paid the $10 charge for a one-day internet pass so I could watch Thursday’s season premier of Grey’s Anatomy that I missedSmile.


After two hours of Grey’s I decided that I should get out of bed and actually do something somewhat active, so I hit the hotel gym for a 45 minute cardio session (30 min elliptical, 15 min Stairmaster). The gym actually had a decent number of cardio machines and quite a few free weights. I’m always appreciative of a decent hotel gym Open-mouthed smile.



When I was done working out, it was time to start getting ready for the annual banquet. (Remember when I went dress shopping last weekend?) However, I’ll Saturday night’s events for the next post Open-mouthed smile.


See ya later!


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