Friday, September 23, 2011

Road Blogging

Heeeeey!! I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but I’m so sorry for slacking on the blogging this week! (BTW, I’m so glad you all enjoyed my Ayurvedic medicine post! Holler to all my fellow pittas Open-mouthed smile.) You all know about my busy schedule, and with my internal medicine rotation coming to an end next week, I’ve got a final project to finish, plus that darn seminar paper! Doesn’t look like things will be settling down any time soon… Sad smile

So I’m currently road blogging right now:


Eric is driving four of us down to a Kappa Psi assembly for the weekend.


We have an assembly every fall and every spring and this fall’s assembly is taking place in Lombard, Illinois which is just outside of Chicago. It should be a fun weekend!

So, let’s backtrack a little shall we?

Yesterday after my rotation, I came home and packed all of my things in a mad rush, wolfed down some homemade pizza, and then hit the road for Big Rapids, which is about an hour north of Grand Rapids. Big Rapids is where the main Ferris State University campus is located and it’s where the first two years of the pharmacy program take place. Today we had a pharmacy event (College of Pharmacy Day) that took place in Big Rapids this afternoon, so a bunch of my friends all met up in the college town last night to have some fun and catch up.


There were appetizers and drinks





(things got a little rowdy after this photo was taken, ha ha)


and lots of good friends Smile



Our night ended at good old Shooters, the local bar, where we danced the night away. So fun Smile.


We didn’t crawl out of bed until after 9:30 this morning, and by the time we had all showered and gotten ready it was 11:00. Therefore, breakfast actually turned into lunch. (I honestly can’t tell you the last time I didn’t eat breakfast; that just doesn’t happen.) However, the unintentional missed breakfast was more than made up for by the outstanding meal that replaced it. We went to Schuberg’s, which is a small pub in downtown Big Rapids, and one of the very limited restaurant choices that the town has to offer.


I ordered the Avocado Louis Club with a side of sweet potato fries (!!!).


The sandwich included turkey, bacon, lettuce, swiss cheese, avocado and mayo and was served on a croissant roll. The bacon is sitting on the side of my plate because I’m not really a fan of bacon on my sandwiches and the waitress overheard me asking Eric if he wanted my bacon (which, of course he did!), so she kindly served it on the side for me Smile.


This sandwich was delicious, as were the sweet potato fries. Definitely my new favorite at Schuberg’s!

I also just wolfed down some dinner, courtesy of McDonalds.


Don’t judge. Sometimes you make bad choices while on the road. Or just because.

I apologize in advance for the lack of healthy food that will appear on the blog this weekend, but that’s usually the way conferences and vacations go. It’s only for a weekend, so hopefully I don’t go too overboard, but we all know I have issues with that.

Enjoy your evening and I’ll catch ya’ll later!


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