Saturday, September 17, 2011

SwingShift And The Stars

Whoa, over two days without blogging? What is happening to me?! Heh. But seriously, sorry for disappearing on ya. I’ve sort of been in a “funk” the last few days and my motivation was dwindling. However, I’m feeling better today and am just ready to move on. The next few weeks are going to get a little crazy so I’ve got to be on top of the ball!

Breakfast this morning was another idea I stole from Julie's blog but was something new to me: a wafflewich!


My wafflewich contained a slice of muenster cheese and one egg + ~2 egg whites. I’m not quite sure on the quantity of the egg whites because I poured them out of a carton and didn’t measure today, but since they’re all protein and so low in calories I don’t stress about it. Oh, and in case you’re wondering why my eggs look like wrinkly brains, it’s because I was too lazy to fry them on the stove and that’s what microwaved egg whites look like Smile.



After my breakfast settled, I hit the gym for a cardio party. I was still grumpy on my way to the gym, but for the first time in a while, I didn’t want to deal with my emotions by eating; I wanted to run. So run I did! When I arrived at the gym I hopped on the treadmill and ran two miles in 20:31, which is about 30-60 seconds faster than normal. I cooled off by walking for a few minutes and then jumped on the elliptical for another twenty minutes. I felt like a million bucks walking out of the gym Smile.

SwingShift and the Stars

Last night I went to a charity event called SwingShift and the Stars. The lead singer of SwingShift, a local band, created the dance off as a fun way to benefit some of the area non-profit organizations. Six local “celebrities” and their dance partners competed to raise money for their charities, and winners were selected based off the judges’ votes as well as the audience’s. In order to vote, you had to donate at least five dollars to the organization that the couple was supporting. The first competition was last night (there are four all together), so it was fun to see all of the performances.

The event took place at the City Opera House so we all got a little dressed up for the occasion.


(My apologies for the blurriness)

There were also snacks and drinks available for purchase:


Tequila sunrise Open-mouthed smile(x 2)

We had a front row balcony seats so the view was fantastic.



In between performances, they also taught ball room dancing lessons!


It was a sold-out house and a great way to raise money for charity. The live music was fun and energetic and all of the dancers looked gorgeous. It was a fun way to spend a Friday night!


Happy Saturday Smile


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