Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wallet Damage

Hey hey happy Tuesday! Hope you’ve all been having a fabulous time today getting back into the routine after the long weekend. I’ve actually been pretty tired all day, but have been super busy none-the-less.

After a full day at my rotation (my journal club went well!), I had some errands to run so I got started on those right away. Snackage in the car:


(Don’t worry, I was at a stop light when I took that picture, I swear! I’m looking at you Mom and Dad Winking smile.)


My first stop was at The Muffler Shop to get my car looked at. Last week I made an appointment because my car has been making funny noises (as in loud that-doesn’t-sound-right noises) when I’m driving. The folks at Junior’s Tires had told me that it was my heat shield and sure enough, that was definitely part of the problem. What I didn’t know, and found out this afternoon, was that I also apparently have a leak out of two different locations on my exhaust pipe. He was able to do a quick fix at one spot for pretty cheap for me, but for the second location he needs to order some parts. The parts plus labor added up to a little more than I was willing to pay today, but I’ll probably be back within the next couple weeks to have him finish the job. Oh car problems, how I loathe you…

While I was waiting for my car to be done, I entertained myself with a photo shoot.


I also finally finished my book!


Many of you have asked for a review on it, so I’ll try to get one up tomorrow! I’ll be honest, I’ve never done a book review before so I’m a little nervous. After all, I did just recently get back into reading.

When my car was done I headed straight to the gym to complete today’s workout. I really didn’t feel like going after working all day and then sitting at The Muffler Shop for over an hour, but I haven’t worked out since Thursday and it had to be done. I hopped on the treadmill and ran 3.0 miles in 31:54. Holler.


Red Ginger

After I finished my workout, iced my knees, and took a quick shower, it was time for the best part of my evening: Dinner at Red Ginger with Melissa!


I LOVE this restaurant; it’s probably my favorite restaurant in Traverse City next to Bubba's. I haven’t been there since March so I was excited to come back and was ready for a delicious meal.


We both started off with wonton soup:


And then we each ordered a Spider Roll:


And split a Philadelphia Roll as well.


So, so good.


Man, between getting my car fixed and eating dinner at Red Ginger, I’ve done some serious damage to my wallet today! Luckily, my car and good food are two things that I’m willing to fork over a little cash for Winking smile.

Alright, well I’m pooped. Time to make my lunch for tomorrow, read a little, and head to bed. Have a great night!


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