Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cedar Point 2011

Hey, happy Sunday! I hope ya’ll are having a fantastic weekend. Mine has been outstanding thanks to an awesome trip to Cedar Point yesterday with an amazing little group of people Smile.


(Warning: get ready for a long, picture-heavy post!)

After a quick breakfast at the apartment (waffles with almond butter and cinnamon), Eric, his sister Chelsey, her boyfriend Kaina, and I were on the road just shortly after 8:00 am.



It was a fairly uneventful trip down, until we saw quite possibly the world’s largest pumpkin chilling in the back of a pick-up truck on the highway.


I guess that was technically two pumpkins, but seriously, has anyone else ever seen a pumpkin that big??

Around 11 am we made a pit stop at Hardee’s to grab some lunch.



I ordered some combo meal with two deluxe tacos that were stuffed with chicken, salsa, lettuce, cheese and sour cream and I topped them off with the refried beans that came with the meal. Not bad for Mexican fast food.

After about four hours in the car and a slight hotel mishap (which I’ll probably talk about it another post), we had arrived at the park and were waiting in lines for the rides before we knew it. Even though it was sunny in Grand Rapids when we left, It was super windy and gloomy in Sandusky. We were all freezing while we waited in line, but tried to make the most of it by taking goofy pictures.





Even though the sun started to come out later in the afternoon, unfortunately a lot of the rollercoasters had closed and stayed closed all day because of the wind Sad smile. We stayed optimistic though and had a blast on the ones that were open.




Eric also took this video of us on the Power Tower. He absolutely hates the ride because of the giant drop, but the rest of us love it and he found the perfect location to capture the action on film.

We also had a ton of fun in the haunted houses and spooky mazes that the park has set up for the month of October (Halloweekends). In fact, Halloweekends is actually the main reason that we go every year at this time. Once again we had to wait in a few long lines, but we always manage to entertain ourselves while we’re waiting.





Dinner was at Johnny Rocket’s, a little diner-style restaurant in the park.



We all enjoyed our share of junk food:


I enjoyed an Oreo milkshake that I shared with Eric and also had a burger that had swiss cheese, mushroom, and grilled onion on it. Eric’s burger was quite impressive:


Not exactly sure what was in it, but I know it had two patties, cheese, and lots of bacon. Typical guy burger Winking smile.

We finished our day the park with more haunted houses and mazes that all successfully scared the living daylights out of me. It was pretty awesome.

We left the park at around 9:30 and were all pretty exhausted after our long day, but not too tired to head to Thirsty Pony for a margarita tower Winking smile.




Perfect end to a perfect day Open-mouthed smile.

Alright, this post has gotten long enough! Believe it or not I actually have way more photos than what I posted (thanks to Chelsey and her camera obsession) but I figured I wouldn’t make you scroll through almost 200 pictures Winking smile. However, there will be more Cedar Point coverage in the next post or two because we took quite a few video clips and Eric is going to work his computer magic later and compile them into one video that I’ll be uploading to the blog. It should be pretty cool!

Have a great night!


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