Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ground Chicken Fail

I was happy (and not totally surprised) that many of you agree with me that most times, junk food trumps beer. I also want to point out that a couple people said they would have both, and many times I’m right there with ya! However, I do try to take advantage of the times when I can actually exhibit a little self control Smile.

So, I wish I could blog twice a day all the time, I really do. Unfortunately my crazy schedule just doesn’t allow it; and as you guys know, sometimes I can’t even manage to fit ONE blog post in, let alone two. However, today happened to be one of those days where I didn’t have to commute to Kalamazoo and I didn’t have too much going on, so hello for the second time Open-mouthed smile.

Breakfast was a wafflewich on Eggo Honey Oat Nutrigrain waffles with egg whites, muenster cheese, and turkey bacon:


After breakfast and blogging, I spent the morning doing research for a school project before heading downtown to meet with the other student on rotation with us to get some work done. Before we left I had an unpictured cup of Chobani Lemon Greek yogurt.

By the time we arrived home it was nearly 3:00 and we were both starving, so Eric whipped up some food right away rather than waiting until after the gym.


Oh yes. That would be a glorious mountain of spaghetti you see. The sauce was made with ground chicken and mine was topped with a big old pile of ‘shrooms. We would incorporate them into the sauce, but Eric absolutely hates mushrooms.



The one thing I would change about this dish is the ground chicken. I love spaghetti sauce made with ground beef or ground turkey, but the ground chicken just tasted “off,” as Eric put it. He was actually so turned off by it that he ended up picking around the sauce and just eating two plates of noodles.


I found this so ironic coming from the guy who lives off of meat. Guess we he won’t be making this dish again!

The rest of my afternoon was spent hitting up the dollar store for some blog stuff and materials for tomorrow’s germ presentation


going to the gym (shoulder lift + 2.0 mile run)

and eating prunes.


LOVE these things. I could eat an entire bag in one sitting.


It’s scary movie time over here! See ya later Smile


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