Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kappa Psi Homecoming 2011

Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind words regarding the loss of our family pet, Ashley. I honestly think that it will not fully hit me until I go home to a cat-less house in a couple weeks, but I’ll get through it. Unfortunately, part of having a pet means that you will eventually have to say goodbye, but things will get better and life goes on.

As I mentioned in my Ashley post, part of the reason why I didn’t go home while all of this was going on was because I already had a lot planned for this weekend. I didn’t want to forgo my plans and head up north when I knew that there was nothing I could do and it would just make me even more sad than I already was.

Well, yesterday was our annual Kappa Psi Homecoming dinner and party at the Kappa Psi house.


Aimee met us at the apartment and we carpooled up to Big Rapids for a night of fun with our friends.


First we all met at the house and then we all carpooled over to the Holiday Inn for the first part of our evening: dinner. Before we sat down to eat, we took a few minutes to snap some photos, and I must say that everyone was looking mighty fine.





Our dinner options included either baked salmon or bacon wrapped pork, but every year I am always less than satisfied with the meat dishes. I’ve had chicken numerous times and it’s usually either bland or too dry, and I’ve also ordered bacon wrapped sirloin and it’s typically raw or overcooked. This year, I decided to order the vegetarian dish to see if it was any better, and I was pleased when I was served a stuffed green bell pepper.


It was filled with rice and cheese and was actually quite tasty. The green beans weren’t bad either, but I’m not a fan of potatoes (unless their sweet potatoes) so those went untouched.

After we finished eating we went back to the Kappa Psi house for the party. Normally we all change into more casual attire for the rest of the evening, but Eric, Aimee and I decided we wanted to start a new trend and rock the formal wear. We hate how we always spend so much time getting all dolled up (although this may not be the case for the guys) for only a couple of hours in our nice clothes. Aimee and I had also both purchased new dresses and we wanted to spend more time rocking them out Winking smile.

I was particularly fond of the secret pockets that were built into mine Open-mouthed smile.


It wasn’t long after we arrived that the fun started. Just like all of the other Kappa Psi parties, fooseball happened:


Plus plenty of other shenanigans as well.


Remember when I told you about how Eric is my big brother in the fraternity? Well, here’s a picture we took of everyone in our “family tree” who was at the party last night.


We were missing three people, including my little brother, Brian (my other little bro is to the left of me), but it was still a cute photo.

Eventually, we did change into our “going out clothes” and we ended the night at Shooters, the local Big Rapids bar that’s within walking distance of the Kappa Psi house.

It was a great night with my brothers, but I can’t believe that it was my last collegiate homecoming party. I feel so old! Writing this post has kind of made me reminisce about all of the previous parties and how much we’ve all changed and grown up since then.


Homecoming '08 and random pics of Ashley 025







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