Friday, October 14, 2011

Who Knows What A Germ Is

Happy Friday! Fridays are by far my favorite day of the week. Even though there is usually still work to do during the day, I love the anticipation of the weekend and the post-work/school relaxation. I feel like Saturdays always fly by, and by the time Sunday rolls around I’m bummed because it’s the end of the weekend already. Perhaps this isn’t the best attitude, but what can ya do Smile.


So this morning, Eric, Josh (the other student on this rotation with us) and I went to one of the elementary schools in Kalamazoo to give our “germs” presentation that we’ve been working on.


It was SO different than the kind of presentations we’re used to. The last two presentations I’ve given have been on sepsis and asthma and my audience consisted of fellow students and pharmacists; so it was so weird to be talking to kindergarteners and first graders about germs and hand washing. It was more challenging than you would think to bring yourself to their level in terms of speaking and vocabulary. When we were making our PowerPoint, we started to type out words and then realized that many of the kids probably wouldn’t even be able to read! It was definitely a change of pace for us, but a good learning experience.

I talked about what germs “are,” the different kinds of germs and what diseases they cause, and what happens when they "catch” you (you get sick, duh!). Eric then discussed how to protect yourself from germs, and Josh wrapped it up with when and how to wash your hands.



One of our biggest fears was that the kids wouldn’t participate in our presentation. We were told that in order to keep their attention, it was really important to make it interactive and get them involved; so we asked a lot of questions throughout the entire presentation (Does anyone know what a germ is? Who can tell me when you should wash your hands?). Luckily, we got an amazing group of children who’s hands shot up so quickly we couldn’t even decide who to call on!


Some of the interactive things we did included having them all demonstrate to us to how properly wash their hands


Plus a fun activity that they were really into. We brought in a special lotion that simulates germs and makes your hands glow when you hold them under a black light. We chose a few volunteers to apply the lotion, look at their hands under the black light, wash their hands, and then hold them under the light again to see how well they did.


We actually felt bad because all of the kids wanted to do it, but there wasn’t enough time. However, we did pass around scented hand sanitizer for them to try and they seemed to really like that as well.


We also left them with a couple of door prizes: An individually packaged sanitary hand wipe, some stickers, and a coloring sheet that Eric designed himself.


He drew these “germs” by hand, scanned them into his computer, and then used Photoshop to turn them in cartoons that could be colored. That boy is so talented and is a Photoshop wizard. Did you know he also made my awesome banner at the top of my blog?


Great Harvest Bread Co.

After our presentation we decided to stop for lunch, and my eyes about popped out of my head when I saw this:


I have been wanting to try Great Harvest Bread forever, but there isn’t one in Grand Rapids or Traverse City. I was stoked when we saw one in Kalamazoo and begged the guys to stop.

After trying every sample they were offering, here’s what I decided on for lunch:


The Tuscan Chicken Panini and the blackberry-peach fruit cobbler bar.

HOLY MOLY. This place was everything I hoped for and more. My sandwich contained chicken, lettuce, tomato and a pesto sauce and was served on their whole wheat bread and it was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had in my life.


I will most DEFINITELY be back for another one before my rotation is done at the end of the month.


My fruit cobbler bar was amazing as well. Actually, all of the desserts were out-of-this world, and the boys both ordered some as well.



You know this place is a winner when it gets the Eric Roath Seal of Approval. He normally doesn’t like sandwich places because he always says he can make one at home that’s just as good and a lot cheaper, but he was converted after the first bite of his Roast Beef Panini.

It’s been a great day so far (with the exception of some sad news that I’m not going to get into right now), but the day’s not over yet. I’m off to have some more fun Smile.


Enjoy your night!


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