Saturday, November 19, 2011

Night At The B.O.B.

Happy Saturday! Last night was an absolute blast. First, we ended up at On The Border with our friend Brad for dinner.



Side note: I think On The Border should start sending me complimentary gift cards for all of the promoting I do for them on the blog.

We started off with chips and salsa – of course – and pretty drinks.


Alright, so maybe I’m the only one who had a pretty drink. The boys ordered beer.

And for my entrée I went with with the grilled avocado red chili pesto enchiladas:


My mom ordered these last time we came here and they were insane. They are overflowing with avocado, and if you slather each glorious bite in refried beans like I do, then your life might just be complete after this meal.


While dinner was a fun time, the best part of the night was yet to come. After chilling at Brad’s apartment for a little while, we came back to Eric’s place to get all dolled up for a night out at The B.O.B. 


There is a *slight* dress code there (I believe you can’t wear tennis shoes), but you really see people dressed in a wide range of attire. Some people wear jeans and casual shirts (but no T-shirts), while others are in formal wear from head to toe. Normally I wear jeans and a nice top (like the last time we went), but last night Eric and I decided to go balls to the wall and get all dressed up.


(I wore this dress with black tights.) By the way, doesn’t Eric look so cute in his glasses? He hates wearing them and is so self conscious, but I love it when guys wear glasses (black rims = 1,000 bonus points). I think he looks so intelligent, but he thinks he just looks like a giant nerd.

So anyway, we definitely made our rounds around The B.O.B. last night. It’s a four story building with a couple of restaurants, a few bars, a comedy club, and a couple of night clubs all rolled into one. We started off with some drinks at the middle story bar while we chilled in the comfortable seating area, and then went to the upstairs club called “Eve” for some wine. We ended the night at Crush, the bar/dance club on the first floor, where we danced until my legs got sore. Dancing in heels (even my little baby ones), is no joke! Definitely counts as a workout Winking smile.


So far this morning I’ve done nothing except eat a breakfast burrito


(Eggs, sausage, bacon, red bell pepper, onion, and mozzarella)


catch up on American Horror Story, and blog stalk. It’s been absolutely perfect.

Speaking of which, I’ve got one more episode of AHS to attend to. Adios!


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