Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Running Shoes

Happy Saturday! I’m so glad that a lot of you are enjoying my Chobani giveaway. Keep those entries coming!


One of the clients at the vet’s office yesterday was kind enough to buy everyone Jet’s pizza for lunch, but I declined and came home to finish off my own leftover pizza from the other night along with a salad.


While I did end up snacking on a couple of breadsticks that afternoon, I was trying to conserve calories for the Mexican feast I was planning to enjoy at dinner.

Shortly after I arrived back in Traverse City around 6:30, I met four of my lovely coworkers at La Senorita for a fun girls night full of Mexican food and margaritas. I didn’t mess around with my drink and got started right away on this baby:


(mango margarita, my fave)

And along with about a million chips and salsa, I ordered the Chicken Garcia for dinner.


It’s kind of like a chicken chimichanga, only smaller, and it’s topped with cream cheese. So bad, yet so good! Three of us girls also split an amazing ice cream cookie dessert thing, which may very well possibly be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted.

We were at the restaurant for almost three hours just laughing and chatting the night away. It was so nice to catch up with them all and I’m excited to work with them again in December. I have the whole month off from rotations so I’ll be spending a lot of my time working at the pharmacy.

New Running Shoes

This morning after eating a quick bowl of granola for breakfast - I always eat it at home because I never buy it myself; if I did I would eat the whole box in a day – and then my sister and I headed out to run some errands. On our list of stops was Running Fit, a local running store, so I could get fitted for some new running shoes.

As you all know, I’ve been dealing with knee problems for months now. Actually, it’s been so long that I don’t even know when they started. Well, I took a lot of your advice and tried icing, doing certain stretches and knee exercises, and even took some time off from running (though that was because I was just lazy and really didn’t have anything to do with my knee pain). However, since I started back up again almost two weeks ago, the pain has started to flare up again. I only run three days a week and I keep my mileage very low – like, 6-7 miles a week low – and it’s still a problem. I was planning on asking for new running shoes for Christmas, but I finally just decided to bite the bullet and purchase them right now. It’s been almost a year and half since I’ve bought a pair and it finally hit me that my shoes could very well be contributing to my knee pain. Additionally, I’ve even started using my REALLY old running shoes lately, and they are nearly three years old. That certainly cannot be helping.

When my sister and I arrived at the store, the sales man had me take my shoes off and walk for him, and he noticed that I pronate when I walk. In other words, my feet are angled so that my toes point out towards the sides (instead of straight forward) and my heals angle inward. He explained that this will definitely cause issues at some point in life, and the fact that my shoes are so old was very likely contributing to it. I told him that I’ve always used Asics in the past and I love them, so he picked out a couple of pairs for me to try on.


After trying on two pairs of Asics and two pairs of some different brands, I finally decided on these:


They are the Asics Gel GT-2160 Women’s Running Shoe, and I love them. I can tell a huge difference in the arch support and I really hope they make a difference with my knee pain. In order to make them last longer, I’m also going to be sure to only use them when I run and not when I’m cross training, lifting, or doing any other form of cardio. The sales man said that running shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles, so I’m going to keep track of my miles and buy a new pair when needed.

I’m hoping that the purchase of new shoes will help get me back into my running groove. Even though I despise the actual act of running, I love how I feel after I’m done and I like the effects that it has on your body (read: weight loss). With the way my gut is busting over my jeans lately, I need to bring running back into my life.

After our errands I came home and enjoyed a leftover chicken burger and sweet potato fries that my mom had made for dinner last night.


The burger was topped with Colby Jack, avocado, spinach, ketchup and mustard. Yum!


Now I’m off to run a couple more errands before heading up north to Ellsworth for a fun night!


Catch ya later Smile


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