Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Good morning and Merry Christmas!!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday and is able to share this time with friends and family. It’s funny because when we were younger, I always used to go wake my sister up at 5 am on Christmas morning and then we would anxiously wait for a couple hours until we’d drag our parents out of bed and open presents. Now that we’re older, I had planned on sleeping in a little this morning, but my sister bolted in my room at around 7:30 and ordered me to get my butt out of bed. Apparently the roles have reversed!


We all settled in the living room, turned on the Christmas tunes, and proceeded to trash the house with wrapping paper and bows.



Christmas morning will always remain one of my favorite days of the whole year. Even when I’m living on my own next year, I will probably still come stay at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve just so I can wake up and carry on the Christmas morning traditions with the family.

One of our annual traditions? Christmas brunch!


Every year my mom and dad make stuffed French toast, eggs, and bacon for breakfast on Christmas morning. We always prepare a plate for my grandparents and drive it to their house for them before sitting down ourselves to eat. It was worth the wait!


We don’t typically have anyone else over on Christmas day, it’s just the four of us. We do our big family get together on Christmas Eve, and this year was no different!

Yesterday, everyone came over around 1:00, enjoyed some appetizers


(I made Julie's goat cheese and honey dip and it was a big hit)

chatted up a storm



and waited for the turkey to finish cooking.

When it was finally done, we were ready to dig in!



I filled my plate with sweet potato casserole, stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce and roasted acorn squash. Normally that plate is piled much higher, but I was already pretty full from way too many pre-dinner cookies.


Please tell me that we are not the only ones who still have a kids table


and an adults table.


Pumpkin pie and pecan pie for dessert


which was followed by a massive food coma.

I’m currently nursing my food baby from brunch and I’m thinking that a nap doesn’t sound too shabby right now. My goal is to make it out for a Christmas run/walk later, because I really could use some exercise.


Have a great rest of the day!


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