Saturday, December 24, 2011

Congratulations Scott And Julie

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Yesterday was my cousin Scott’s engagement party to celebrate his recent engagement to the love of his life, Julie!


They live in Colorado and this was the first time that I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet Julie in person. She is absolutely wonderful and I love her already! She will be such a great addition to the family.


My aunt did an excellent job of supplying the party guests with TONS of amazing food.


Desserts included cake…


And this beauty:


I am a firm believer that every party should have a chocolate fountain. It should just be a requirement.

I kept my hors d’oeuvres plate pretty simple since I had my eye on that chocolate fountain. My favorites included the stuffed mushrooms (which I later found out were from Bubba's!!), the cucumber and salmon pieces, and the warm Tastefully Simple artichoke dip that my mom brought.


It wasn’t long after I finished off that plate that I made my way to the fountain!


Mmmm…like I said, these should be a requirement at all parties.

I enjoyed some cake as well before meeting up with my parents and sister for a family Christmas photo.


We only took about eight pictures this year, which is a new record. Last year we took almost thirty.


We eventually got tired and headed home around 6:30, when I got an unexpected and desperate call from work. Apparently both of the closers were sick and a couple of the girls had already been there for almost 12 hours and were completely exhausted. I pushed back my big plans to work on clinical seminar (why do things always seem to come up every time I make plans to work on that?), grabbed my smock, and headed in to work for a couple hours. They were quite grateful for the extra help and I can’t complain about the extra money!

This morning started off with a family trip to take Graycie to the vet.

See those little bald spots on her ears and above her eyes? She’s been scratching like a mad woman lately and we wanted to find out what the deal was. Even though she’s an indoor cat, we’re going to treat her for flees, mites, parasites, and all that jazz so we can rule that out as a cause of the itching. The vet also told us that she has allergies, and I think all of our hearts sunk a little when we heard that. Our last cat, Ashley, had horrible allergies and asthma. It got so bad that we eventually had to put her down back in October. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Asthma with Graycie, and if we can make her immune system stronger I think it will get the itching and the other allergy symptoms under control since she’s so young. Here’s to hoping the problem goes away quickly!

After the vet I got busy grabbing some last minute Christmas gifts (procrastination is my middle name, after all), picking up a few things at the store, and prepping some things for the big meal today. My contributions include maple roasted acorn squash, goat cheese honey dip, and my cookies that I made last week.

Well, the table is set


the turkey is in the oven, and right now we’re just waiting for the rest of the family to get here!


Have a great Christmas!!


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