Friday, December 23, 2011

From Blog To Book


I’m sure you are all busy getting last minute holiday to-do’s taken care of, as am I! Although, I must say that the past few days have been full of work, seminar, and catching up with some old friends!


I haven’t seen my friend Leah since June, so I was excited when she texted me the other day saying that she was in town. We made plans to meet at North Peak for dinner after I got done with work last night.

Hoping it might compare to Bubba's veggie burger, I ordered one there


And was unfortunately disappointed. As much as I love black bean patties, this didn’t even come close to my beloved black bean and avocado burger that I get at my favorite restaurant in town. I still ate most of what was on my plate though, and went home with a bit of tummy ache. So not worth it.

Leah and I carried on the conversation today at lunch when we met up at The Silver Swan with our other friend Curtis. The last time I saw him was in June when I saw Leah so it was really nice to see him again. Salad for me:


(Plus two rolls which were very much enjoyed)

When you go so long without seeing certain people, especially people that you used to be so close with, sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start the conversation when you first get back together. So much has happened in my life over the past six months, and the same is true for both of them. It’s funny to think about how we used to do almost everything together back in high school



and now we see each other twice a year and live totally and completely different lives. Guess that’s how life goes though, right? Gotta grow up sometime!


I hate to split so quickly, but I have to prep some acorn squash for tomorrow’s lunch, get some work done on seminar, and then head over to my cousin’s engagement party. However, I can’t leave without showing you the amazing Christmas gift that Eric got for me! The FedEx guy delivered it this morning:


He had my blog made into a book!! 


This is one of the coolest, most personalized gifts that I have ever received. The book includes a personalized message on the first page


(The “Right? For Sure!” thing is an inside joke)

followed by a table of contents and all of my blog posts:


He tried to do it for January through June, but apparently there was some kind of order limit because they were only able to do January through March. It’s not really a big deal though because as soon as he sends me the link to where he ordered it from, I’m ordering more for the rest of 2011!

If you have a blogger in your life and ever need a gift idea for him or her, I highly recommend doing something like this! I was so excited (and shocked) when I opened it – I would have never thought to do that. I absolutely love the idea of having a hard copy of my blog and I can’t wait to display it in my future home. I also love how you can add little personalized touches:


(The back cover)

I wish I knew where he ordered it from, but if you would like I can post the link when he sends it to me.


Have a great day and I’ll try to squeeze in a Christmas Eve post tomorrow!


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