Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Early Birthday

Hi friends! I think it’s been almost three days since I last stopped by, and it’s been nice to just chill and unplug a little. On Friday I worked a ten hour shift and then totally crashed when I got home. Then, yesterday morning a special visitor came to town:


It’s been an entire month since I’ve seen Eric last, and I’m so excited that he’s here for the weekend! We grabbed lunch, did a little shopping, and then just hung around the house for the afternoon relaxing and catching up. When dinner time rolled around, we were still pretty full from lunch and only had one thing on our minds: margaritas! 


We invited Courtney along since she didn’t have anything to do, and she volunteered to be our driver. We all hopped in my car and headed over to La Senorita.



Eric got a classic margarita with Jose Gold and Grand Marnier, and I rolled with my favorite frozen mango margarita.


It never gets old!


The three of shared a basket of chips and salsa, along with an appetizer sampler platter.


About half hour after we arrived, we overheard some of the waitresses singing Happy Birthday to a nearby customer and I couldn’t help but notice the delicious bowl of ice cream (served in a fried tortilla) that they brought the gentleman as well. Since I have a birthday coming up soon (I’ll be 23 on the 27th!), I jokingly told Courtney that she should tell the waitress that we’re celebrating my upcoming birthday so we could get some free dessert. She and Eric immediately agreed that it was an excellent idea and told the waitress right away the next time she stopped by our table.

Not long after that, my dessert arrived, along with about five waitresses singing the La Senorita Happy Birthday song to me. Of course, being the dependable sister that she is, Courtney captured the entire thing on video.

Embarrassing or not, it was still fun and I had a great time. Oh, and that’s a piña colada that she brought out that I had also ordered in case you were wondering Winking smile.


We all split the ice cream, finished our drinks, and had an impromptu photo shoot; of course.


Eric and I ended the evening with a bottle of wine and a Red Box movie. It was a fantastic night Smile.

Not long after waking up this morning, Eric informed me that he was starving and I quickly started raking my brain for “Eric appropriate” breakfast ideas. He doesn’t like oatmeal or cereal (weird, I KNOW), and those are pretty much my staples around here.

Then, I remembered that we had some bacon in our freezer and immediately knew that would be the answer. I got to work frying those suckers up:


And they turned out pretty good for my first time cooking bacon!


Served with toasted waffles and syrup:


Mmm…I think I need to cook bacon more often!

We’re going to run some errands, grab some lunch, and then spend the afternoon working on projects and watching movies. Sounds like a good day to me!

Catch ya later Smile


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