Sunday, December 4, 2011

Seminar Stress

Hey guys Open-mouthed smile. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Mine was incredibly uneventful. In fact, I only left the house one time all day yesterday, and that was in the morning to go to the gym. The rest of the day was spent lounging around all day, listening to the new Nickelback CD (this song is on repeat right now) and trying to get some work done on my clinical seminar.

My outfit of choice for the day:


You can pretty much always expect to find me hanging out in mis-matched sweats and no make-up with my hair in a messy bun whenever I’m at home with nowhere to go. I think this is pretty typical for girls, but I have one guy friend who hates sweats. He would rather put on jeans and a nice shirt, even when he’s not planning on leaving the house. So strange. Anyone else like this?

So, like I said, I spent a lot of yesterday trying to get my clinical seminar stuff organized so I could start making some ground on it. I recently found out that I am scheduled for the January presentation date (versus the March date), so my presentation is on January 6th. It may seem far away, but when I think about how much work I have to do, it feels like I hardly have any time! There are two main parts – the handout and the Powerpoint – and they each have due dates for a first draft and final draft. The first draft of the handout is due one week from today, and I’ve hardly gotten any work done on it so you can bet I’m going to be busting my butt all week to get it done. I’m trying not to worry about seminar too much yet (because Lord knows I’ll be a basket case when it gets close), but I swear I can feel my blood pressure go up every time I think about it. I’m actually kind of glad I got the early presentation date because that’s two less months that I’ll be stressing about it Winking smile.

Today was supposed to be devoted to seminar, but I actually ended up getting called into work early this morning so that plan went out the window. Before I left, I quickly threw all the ingredients into the crockpot for The Fitnessista's sweet potato black bean chili. It was a quick and easy dinner for the family that was ready for me when I walked in the door from work.


(My dad and I added some chicken to ours for some extra protein.)

It was good, but needed a little something…


As the girl who used to ask for unseasoned French fries and couldn’t stand even the mildest of salsas, I have no idea when I started adding hot sauce to my foods.


Other meals worth mentioning:

The best grilled cheese I’ve ever made in my life:


Muenster cheese, sliced pear, and raspberry preserves on whole grain bread. If your sweet tooth is anything like mine, you will love this; trust me.

Served with the usual spinach salad:


My mom also made my favorite veggie burgers (recipe here) for dinner last night


and I was put on sweet potato duty.





I’m going to relax a little and maybe do some reading. Tomorrow I’m working again, but on Tuesday it’s seminar, seminar, seminar!!


Have a great night Smile


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