Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Rotation Down

…only two more to go!

  • August/September: Internal Medicine
  • October: Academic (elective)
  • November: Veterinary Medicine (elective)
  • December: OFF
  • January: Advanced Community
  • February: Compounding Pharmacy (elective)
  • March/April: Ambulatory Care

I can’t believe I’m already done with my community rotation. It always seems like time drags when I’m actually at my rotations, but in the grand scheme of things it really does go by fast! My next rotation starts tomorrow at an independent pharmacy. It’s a compounding pharmacy elective, so hopefully I’ll get to whip up all kinds of interesting stuff. The extent of my compounding experience is Magic Butt cream (a diaper rash cream made my simply mixing three different creams together) and making pills into suspensions for kids. The pharmacy that I’ll be working at for the next month does much more than just creams and suspensions so I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!


(Cute animation, right? Never mind the fact that I found it on a Suboxone® Assisted Treatment website..)

As most Tuesday’s typically do, this morning started off with a workout. A friend recently told me about Amanda Latona’s “cardio triathlon” that she does, and I thought it sounded like a good plan for this mornings sweat sesh. When Amanda does cardio triathlons she does an hour of cardio total, split into 20 minutes on three different machines. I didn’t have that much time this morning, so I cut my triathlon down to 45 minutes and did the following:

  • 15 minutes Stairmaster
  • 15 minutes running (treadmill)
  • 15 minutes elliptical

This workout made the time fly by, even when I was running! That never happens. I’ll be doing this workout again for sure.

My workout was followed by a repeat of yesterday’s breakfast:


It was still just as delicious as yesterday.


After breakfast, I headed over to my last day at my community rotation, got my evaluation from my preceptor, and got to leave at lunch! Great way to end a rotation if ya ask me Winking smile.

I swung by the grocery store on the way home to pick up some produce to get me through the next couple of days


and then grabbed Subway for lunch.


This is the chipotle chicken on honey oat (with provolone, spinach, cucumbers, and green bell pepper) and it was okay. I wish the chipotle sauce would have been a lot spicier; this sandwich needed a little kick to it!


I’ve been taking advantage of my free afternoon and have done nothing but eat and watch Criminal Minds since I’ve been home. Quite frankly, I really don’t see myself doing anything much more productive than that for the rest of the night Winking smile.

Catch ya later friends!

Monday, January 30, 2012

50 x 3 Circuit Workout

Want to know a sure-fire way to start your Monday off right?

Make an absolutely delicious breakfast.


I toasted up two whole wheat waffles and topped them with a “baked” apple (chopped, topped with cinnamon, and microwaved on high for 1 minute) and a drizzle of maple syrup.


These were outstanding, and are officially my new favorite way to eat waffles. They’d probably taste fine without any syrup at all, actually.

Scrambled eggs on the side for some protein:


After catching up on blogs and allowing my breakfast to digest, I headed down to my parent’s basement for a workout.


Boy do I have an at-home circuit workout for you!

I was inspired by the 100 Workout that originally came from Pinterest. I changed it up because I wanted to incorporate more exercises than were included in the original workout. To keep things interesting, I ended up making three different circuits that I am collectively calling the 50 x 3 Circuit Workout.

50 x 3 circuit workout

I should note that I did the crunches on an exercise ball and the push-ups on my knees. Oh, and that one minute plank at the end of the last circuit was sort of split into a 40 second and 20 second plank Winking smile. I also rode on the stationary bike for 10 minutes to warm-up and 20 minutes to cool-down.

Holy cow, this workout was no joke! I collapsed on the floor after that final plank.


After showering and getting ready for the day, I headed out to run a few errands. My first stop was at Oryana to grab some lunch:


(My favorite chicken chipotle wrap stuffed with chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado and chipotle sauce)


I also hit up the mall to look for a dress for a party this weekend (unsuccessful) and the bank.

Well, I just finished packing up my things and as soon as I hit “publish” I’ll be hitting the road to drive back down to Grand Rapids. Plans tonight include folding laundry, eating leftover white chicken chili, and watching The Bachelor with Elly Open-mouthed smile.

Have a great day!


P.S. I wanted to give a special thank you to readers Nicky and Lindsay for sending me such sweet emails after yesterday's post. It was very much appreciated Smile.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Here’s To A Healthy Week


I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Work was pretty good; it was steady but manageable both days (in other words, I didn’t leave the pharmacy wanting to pull my hair out). Also, I’m pretty sure that I have the best boss in the world. He’s so incredibly flexible with my school schedule and he really truly cares about his employees. Plus, he bought lunch today Open-mouthed smile.


When I was in my first year of pharmacy school and living in Big Rapids, I used to drive home every 2-3 weeks and work the weekend. Every time I worked his weekend, he would always order Pizza Hut for us. Today when he offered to buy lunch, I suggested Jimmy John’s for a healthier alternative to pizza. Unfortunately when I called, I was told they didn’t deliver to our location. Back to pizza it was!

Being the nice guy that he is (and knowing that I’m trying to watch the calories), he let me choose whatever kind of pizza crust and toppings I wanted. I ordered a thin crust pizza with half veggie for me and half pepperoni (plus some breadsticks) for him.


(FYI, you slash over 100 calories a slice by choosing thin crust over pan or stuffed crust. However, don’t be fooled by today’s choice: I definitely love me some cheese lovers.)

As delicious as this pizza was, it honestly didn’t even come close to comparing to my mom’s homemade pizza that she made for dinner last night.


She makes a homemade crust and loads it with pizza sauce, onions, mushrooms, spinach, black olives, and cheese. A lot of times she’ll throw some ham on there too. So good!!

Another delicious home cooked meal was enjoyed this evening as well:


It’s her own spin on white chicken chili and it’s the best I’ve ever had. This is by far my favorite homemade soup of all time.

Served with some homemade confetti cornbread:


(The cornbread is called “confetti cornbread” because it’s full of little bits of bell pepper, which makes it colorful.)

As usual, she is sending me back with plenty of leftovers so you’ll probably be seeing this chili a lot this week. Oh and don’t worry, I’m going to have her send me the recipe so I can share it with you guys Smile.

Moving on…

You guys know how much I’ve been struggling with my weight. I know I haven’t posted a weigh-in in a while, but I’m just not ready yet. It’s weird because I lost so much weight in 2009 and 2010, but now I don’t even remember what it’s like to have any willpower. I’m always thinking to myself, “Gosh, how the heck did I do this before?!” I also think back to when I was at my lowest weight, 165, and how at that time all I could think about was how I was “so fat” and just wanted to lose more. Now I would do anything to be back at that weight!

Anyways, here’s tonight’s attempt at making it a good week. I wrote about my goals checklist last week, but this week I’m going to do a slight variation of it and post it on the blog. I’m going to make a chart on my whiteboard that looks like this:

  1/29 1/30 1/31 2/1 2/2
Workout Planned None        
No sweets Thumbs up        
No snacking after dinner Thumbs up        
Calorie Total 1493        

As you can see, I’ve already filed in today’s information (thumb’s up means I completed the goal). After I drive back tomorrow, I’m going to fill in my workout plans for the rest of the week. On Friday, I’ll post my completed chart on the blog and see how I did. It’s another way to try to hold myself accountable, so we’ll see how it goes!

Oh, and the reason that I’m only making the chart for Sun-Thurs is because I’m actually going on a little trip up north this weekend. I fly out (yes fly!) on Thursday evening up to Marquette and I’ll be spending the weekend with Eric. I’m super excited since I haven’t seen him since my birthday, so it should be fun!

Here’s to a healthy (and hopefully fast) week!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stuff That Didn’t Make The Blog

I post a lot about my life on the blog, but believe it or not there are actually a lot of things that don’t make it on here. I usually take pictures all day long, but since I only have time to post once a day I often have to pick and choose what I want to post, or else you’d all be bored to death with my essay-length posts.

On that note, there are a lot of random things that happen that I always intend to write about at the time, but they just don’t “fit” with the rest of the post and I end up leaving them off. Therefore, I thought I’d start a new little series where I can share all of those wonderful moments that didn’t make the cut the first time Smile.

You may remember back in October when Eric, his sister, her boyfriend and I went to Cedar Point (you may click here for the video Eric made about our trip). Well, this was actually the second time that Eric and I had gone there together, and the first time we went we had a not-so-pleasant experience at our hotel. A few days after we got back I developed small itchy bumps in random patches on my arms and legs. Well, this was right around the time when that whole bed bug infestation business was all over the news, and not surprisingly the pattern of my bumps resembled that of bed bugs. Ick. *shivers*

You would think after that happened that we would never stay at that hotel again, but being the forgetful, not to mention poor, college students that we are we booked a room there yet again. My mother was horrified when she found this out, and she hates the idea of bed bugs so much that she actually offered to pay for us to stay in another hotel. Unfortunately, when she made this offer it was too late to cancel our reservation so we made it our personal mission to find something wrong with the hotel room so we could stay somewhere else without being charged.

Well, we didn’t have to search for very long! Not long after we started stripping the sheets to check for bed bugs, Chelsey and Kaina discovered a huge pee stain all over their mattress pad. I didn’t snap a picture, but it was totally disgusting. She stormed to the front desk and demanded a refund, and soon we were on the road saying so long to the Econo Lodge for good.


We actually ended up going to three more hotels before we finally found one that was decent, affordable, and didn’t have a “no firearms” sign on the front door (true story).


We stayed at The Hotel Breakers, which is the original Cedar Point hotel, and not only was it bed-bug and pee-stain free, but we also got a discount off our park tickets. I’d definitely stay there again.


Moral of the story: Never stay at the Econo Lodge.

I’m pretty sure that Melissa’s fiance, Nick, thinks that I am a total weirdo. When I was over at their house on New Year's Eve, at one point in the night he got out this weird contraption and proceeded to peel and slice an apple with it.


Don’t get me wrong, this is a pretty cool gadget, but an apple is just not the same without the skin! I told him that he couldn’t just waste it (keep in mind I’d had a few drinks in me at this point…) so he plopped the remains of the apple skin on the counter in front of me and told me to dig in.


Well thanks, don’t mind if I do!


Oh, and for those of you who think I’m bull-shitting you, trust me; I really did eat it. Melissa helped me, too! We thought it went along nicely with all the chocolate Winking smile.

At this moment, if I had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my life, I’m 99% sure it would be Oreo shakes. Guys, I have been hiding my obsession with them from you. I’ve already had two this month, and while they taste amazing, they are certainly not doing anything for my waistline.


Now I’m drooling over that picture and all I can think about is creamy, sugary Oreo goodness. Why did God bless curse me with such a sweet tooth?!


If you had to choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Home For The Weekend

Hello from Traverse City!

I’m back home for the weekend, but unfortunately not for anything too exciting. I’ll be working all day tomorrow and Sunday, but it’s still nice to be home for a couple of days. Since I’ve got a ten hour shift tomorrow, I’m probably not too far from bed right now; but in the meantime I’ve been enjoying my mom’s home cooked meals


(some kind of baked chicken with stuffing served over pasta, with green beans on the side)


and taking advantage of the free washer and dryer Open-mouthed smile.


Ah, the life of a college student.

Today was a pretty typical day other than the road trip back home. Started out with a hearty breakfast:


(I am sort of having a love affair with pears right now. So sweet and juicy!)


And as the day went on I did a little of this:

Plus some research on hormone replacement therapy. Pretty exciting stuff Winking smile. I actually started researching it because a guest came to the counter and asked for my opinion about herbal estrogen products. She was pretty young, so I asked what she was using them for and she told me about how she has premature ovarian failure. Her doctor prescribed her some prescription hormones, but she was concerned about long term side effects and wanted to look into more “natural” options first. I’m really not all that familiar with the herbal options, or hormone replacement therapy in general, so it was a good opportunity to read up on it.

I also squeezed in a quick at home workout this morning before frantically packing up my things for the weekend. I did a 20 minute Turbo Jam workout


And finished up with this short cardio/legs circuit:



Jumping jacks


Sumo squats


Mountain climbers


Jumping jacks




Wall sit

60 seconds

I repeated the circuit twice (so two times total) and it took me about ten minutes. I actually really liked this little circuit and I wish I would have ran through it a third time!

Time to relax with the fam for a little while before calling it an early night. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chugging The Protein

Remember last month when I wrote about my first nutrition consult? Well, one of the things that the trainer emphasized was the importance of protein shakes before and after my workouts for two reasons: For one, I don’t want my body burning muscle while I’m working out; and secondly, my muscles need fuel! I already lag in the protein department as it is so I’ve really been making an effort to get my protein shakes in. I even brought a pre-made shake to work with me today so I could have it before I hit the gym this afternoon!


When I workout in the mornings, I make a shake (with 1 scoop of whey protein and 8 ounces of water; I use whey because it is the fastest digesting protein) and drink half of it before my workout and the other half when I’m done. Oddly enough, I actually get way hungrier during my workouts now than I did when I was working out on an empty stomach and I feel like my body is screaming for more food/protein by the time I’m done. I’m hoping that’s a good sign!

I’ll admit though, I still hate the taste of protein shakes and I actually plug my nose when I drink them! Hey, whatever it takes to get that extra 20 grams of protein in Winking smile.

After chugging my protein shake the car this afternoon I headed on over to the gym to do an upper body workout that focused on my chest and triceps. Here’s the routine that I did:

Exercise Sets Reps
Bench press
Tricep dips
Incline dumbbell flyes
Overhead tricep extensions
Incline press (machine)
Tricep pressdowns (with a straight bar)

(The exercises in the same boxes were done as supersets)

I ended my workout with 20 minutes of HIIT on the Stairmaster. This has been my cardio of choice lately because it really gets my heart rate up, doesn’t involve running, and gets me in and out of the gym in a reasonable time. Sounds like a win to me!

After my workout I came home and immediately heated up some leftover pulled pork and sweet potato fries from last night:


This is hands down one of my favorite meals ever. I could eat it every day and never get sick of it.


In case anyone was curious as to why I worked out this evening instead of in the morning like I usually do, I really don’t have a good reason. I was just lazy this morning Winking smile. My alarm went off and I just did not want to get up yet. So I rolled over, slept for another hour, then crawled out of bed and made myself this tasty breakfast:


I’ve mentioned before how I prefer egg whites on my wafflewiches, but this morning I decided to just whisk up a whole egg and give it another shot (the last time I tried using a whole egg it was a dippy egg and it was nasty).


So much better.

Here’s lunch:


Salad with greens, avocado, feta, dried cherries and feta; plus the usual Greek yogurt and a couple of clementines. Oh, and I may have given into the cake that was sitting in the break room…


Totally worth every bite.


Well, my friend Elly just got here and we’re about to hang out and watch some Criminal Minds. Have a good night!


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